Website Rate Card 2019

16th May, 2019

Happy Tails is the only website in SA bringing you incredible and heart-warming animal stories with happy endings.

It is dedicated to proving that animal welfare is an important part of our country and our communities, and that animals from these organisations are beautiful, healthy, and adoptable.

In addition to adoptions, we strongly advocate responsible pet ownership with a major emphasis on sterilisation.

By focusing on animal welfare issues and supporting the animal welfare organisations, Happy Tails brings about the much-needed public education and awareness, and endeavours to contribute to changing the face of animal rescue and shine a positive light on animal welfare in our country. You
can join us in our mission to save animals – one animal at a time.

Not only will advertising with Happy Tails make a difference, it makes good business sense.

Research shows that South Africans love their pets – Euromonitor International (November 2010) found that there are around 5.3 million ‘pet households’ in our country; the research revealed that the majority of these see their pet as a family member (more so in female, higher LSM categories).

According to international research, pet care industry growth is steady (4 – 5%), even during recessions; females – particularly baby boomers and millennials – are the group most likely to spend on pet care and anything related to it, even in the premium markets.

A wide community has grown around animal welfare in South Africa, and brands seen to care about animals are held in high regard – almost an extension of cause marketing.

Our website is driven by our very active Facebook page – Happy Tails – where we have a dedicated following of over 10 000 animal lovers. Our niche audience is made up of women between the ages of 45 – 54 and in the LSM 7 – 10.

Your advertisement will be viewed by our average of 8 000 unique visitors to our website monthly. Our best month to date was March 2018 when we had 13 036 unique visitors to our website.

To advertise on the Happy Tails website, choose your package from the rates below and complete the attached Booking Form.

All website advertising prices exclude VAT, and you are invoiced at the end of each month. Payment is due on presentation of invoice. Rates exclude agency commission (if applicable). Note: There is a minimum booking period of 3 months.

Choose which page you want your ad to appear on:

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Leaderboard Banner
(728 x 90 pixels)
R1 500 pm R1 200 pm


Wide Skyscraper Banner
(160 x 600 pixels)
R 800 pm R 600 pm


Full Banner
(468 x 60 pixels)
N/A R 550 pm


Medium Rectangle
(300 x 250)
R 600 pm R 400 pm


-    Discount rates apply if an ad is booked for three months or more.

-    There are multiple ad positions for a wide skyscraper banner and medium rectangular ad. Ad placement is dependent on receipt of the Booking Form; exclusivity is not guaranteed.

Advertising Deadlines

Bookings:      1 month prior to placement
Material: 2 weeks prior to placement

For more information, contact Dee Ivings on 021 426 1361, email, visit or Facebook