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Chelsea Le Roux and Fabian who was adopted from SPCA Louis Trichardt.
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Roxy was brought to Mdzananda Animal Clinic after her owner accidentally drove over her. She’d been under or behind the car when it left the yard. Both her front legs and jaw were fractured in the accident. ...read more

After finding Phoebe on the 8th of July 2018 (http://www.happytailsmagazine.co.za/happy-tales/finding-phoebe/), I was initially optimistic that we’d find Oberon soon. I believed it would be just a matter of a few weeks, and then he’d be safely home. ...read more

Hudson became part of the African Tails family when he was found in Dunoon by Janika Tyni and Shannon Moore, who were involved in community educational outreach work in the area. How Hudson survived for so long on his own, in such a state, was beyond our comprehension. ...read more

Saving Little Harvey

20th Mar, 2019
It had been a tough and exhausting day at work, and by 18h00 I was already in my pyjamas and snuggled up on the couch with my rescue dog, Chester. I foster neonatals – fragile little kittens from a few hours old to a few days; I often get those who need extra care, TLC and someone with knowledge and veterinary experience in ensuring they survive. ...read more

Roxy was owned by a lady who decided to move to Doha. She left Roxy with her daughter who had two small babies, a few cats and big dogs. Roxy is a very needy dog who thrives off human contact. The lady’s daughter didn’t necessarily mistreat Roxy, but with two really small kids and independent pets of her own she wasn’t able to give her the individual attention she needed. ...read more

Beautiful Alina

13th Mar, 2019
On 21 January 2019, I left work at my usual time of 4pm. Unlike normal days, however, I’d decided that I needed to go to the shops for some supplies. My normal stop-in was out of stock of some essentials, so I hastily made my way to the freeway, in the hopes of beating the traffic. ...read more

Mad about Molly

7th Mar, 2019
Born in November 2014 as one of seven puppies in the litter, Molly had an unsettling start to her life. Tragedy struck when her mother was poisoned and died shortly after giving birth. This left the seven 3-week-old puppies alone and in a precarious position. ...read more

It seems I might be the only person who’d be willing to take 48 hours off for a 440-kilometre return road trip into Tankwa Karoo, cutting my holiday short and losing two 4x4 tyres... for the sake of an abandoned kitten. ...read more

Rescuing Rover

27th Feb, 2019
The brown-and-black dog was standing in the busy road, eating something, unaware of the danger he was in, when my husband, Michael, and I saw him on the 25th of October 2018. ...read more

Healing Hunnybunch

22nd Feb, 2019
Miss Hunnybunch Lady Juliette is her official KUSA name – the sad little brown-and-white Bulldog girl that was given to us two days before the Easter long weekend in 2018. Hunnybunch was extremely sick, emaciated, covered in leathery bald patches, and in such a bad state that we weren’t sure if she’d even survive the weekend. ...read more

Page 2 of 28, 277 articles found. Displaying: 11-20