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Chelsea Le Roux and Fabian who was adopted from SPCA Louis Trichardt.
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Crinkle was found by the late Suzie Bews somewhere in the South of Johannesburg in January 2015. She was discovered collapsed in the road next to the lifeless body of her sibling who was also in the same horrific condition as she was. Suzie rushed the dying dog to FORA (Friends of Rescued Animals). ...read more

Oliver’s Story

19th Dec, 2016
Blue-eyed Oliver was found by a human angel who rushed him to the vet after he’d been run over by a car. Not only was the little colourpoint cat badly injured, but he was starving. He’d clearly been lost for some time. His hind leg was so badly damaged that the vet had to amputate it; after the op she kindly kept him for the initial recovery period. Despite searching and advertising, his real family was never found. ...read more

Caring for Kelsey

12th Dec, 2016
This is a story of the effect that a ton of love and patience has on a rescue dog which only knows a life of abuse and neglect. The only thing she could find comfort in was her ‘Tiny Pet’ dog bed, which is very accurate as she is a very small little girl.” Meet Kelsey – a rescued dog who eventually ended up being a foster failure. ...read more

From kennels to KUSA

15th Dec, 2016
Meet Pepsi - rescue dog extraordinaire! Pepsi came in as a stray to Animal Welfare Society in Port Elizabeth and was never claimed. Animal lover, Talita Van Eeden, had been looking for rescue dog for many months. Talita was not breed fussy, only wanting a medium size dog that would get along with her two cats, Kitsani and Sneusie. Talita spent many hours visiting the various pet shelters and organisations in the city searching for her new best friend. ...read more

The last time I’d seen my little black-and-white cat, Tinkerbelle, was for breakfast on Saturday, 24 January (2015). We’d had workers in our yard all day; she’s very scared of them so we assumed she’d just decided to hide from them for a while. But it would be 10 days before we saw her again. ...read more

Mighty Zeus

5th Dec, 2016
The emaciated toffee-coloured boy was passing his day as usual, sitting on a shredded, muddy blanket on stony ground, sore, hungry, and hardly able to see, when an ambulance drove past. An observant paramedic spotted him and reported it us. Off we zoomed, law enforcement in tow, to investigate. Shocked is only a small part of what we felt. The dog’s owner ran off, knowing he was in the wrong – but that was not our concern. All our attention was diverted to the poor suffering animal who just seemed to quietly accept his sad fate. ...read more

When I come home every day, I’m greeted by a welcoming party with a difference: 12 pooches howling, barking, and jumping on me! My house and garden are full of wagging tails, lolling tongues and big doggy smiles. Every morning, 48 paws dash to their bowls for a breakfast of cooked chicken, rice and veg, and every Friday, the owners of those paws get a bath and blow-dry. My family and I are lucky enough to share our home with 12 Spaniels, one honorary Spaniel, and a host of bunnies and guinea pigs – all rescued. ...read more

Most animal lovers will remember the incredible story of Kimberleigh, the tan-and-white dog who fell into Kimberley’s Big Hole in the Northern Cape in November 2013, and fought for survival for 8 long days. First spotted by tourists as she swam desperately in the water at the bottom of the pit, unable to escape due to the steep walls, it took several attempts before she was finally rescued by a team of dedicated animal lovers… ...read more

‘Burnie’ arrived at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic all by himself. He knew where to find help but was terrified of humans. For three weeks we could hear his call but we just couldn’t get to him. The little ginger cat had crawled under our pharmacy shipping container to hide; no amount of luring could bring him out. ...read more

My Belle

11th Nov, 2016
I started following CLAW’s (Community Led Animal Welfare) Facebook page earlier this year. On the 16th of September, I came across the dog they’d named Belle whilst casually scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. I froze when images of this battered, broken and severely tick-infested dog appeared. CLAW stated in the post that she was an “unwanted” and had to be collected by the team. Facebook was in uproar over the horrifying state of this poor, neglected dog and CLAW received messages about her from around the world ...read more

Page 24 of 27, 265 articles found. Displaying: 231-240