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Chelsea Le Roux and Fabian who was adopted from SPCA Louis Trichardt.
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Saving Grace

27th Jan, 2017
For four months the unwanted, abandoned black-and-tan dog and her adult pup were seen running wild in the Cape Flats. Terrified and starving, their fear of humans meant that with or without food, no one could catch them. The SPCA and others tried several times with no success, but one faithful rescuer persevered… ...read more

New best friends

1st Feb, 2017
Three blind men, arms linked, were walking together down the road that passes the IFAW’s Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) clinic in Durban Deep. When we saw this intrepid trio, CLAW’s Cora Bailey and I were concerned that they might not be aware of the enormous pothole – more like a sinkhole than a normal pothole – which had opened up in the road, so we offered them a lift home ...read more

Ultimate Survival

20th Jan, 2017
In November 2016, our Fire Station (Goodwood) was called in to assist as a relief crew. It was the morning of the third day of a blaze on board a foreign fishing vessel docked in Cape Town harbour. We arrived at about 12AM and proceeded to take over firefighting from the off-going crew. The ship was still heavily on fire, with most of the lower compartment in flames. ...read more

Eddie The Brave

24th Jan, 2017
Eddie’s story started in Touwsrivier in the Western Cape. This severely neglected little dog was spotted roaming the dusty streets by a concerned lady who, in turn, told Tesna Palvie from Touwsrivier Diere about Eddie. A Facebook post went up with Eddie desperately clutching a piece of bread – and that was just the end for us; we knew we had to help him. ...read more

Winning Whisper

16th Jan, 2017
Whisper joined us at The Horse Zoo at the end of 2014 as a flashy little horse with a mighty big attitude! Although this pony had never wanted for anything and, unlike his mother, had always been extremely well cared for, he had a number of behavioural issues. He lacked confidence on his own but, at the same time, had very bad social skills with other horses. Under saddle he had little enthusiasm or confidence and when faced with something new he just fell apart. ...read more

Nala is back home

17th Jan, 2017
Tania Pestana booked her tan Pit Bull-Boerboel-mix, Nala, in to a Helderkruin doggy parlour on the 21st of December 2016. Little did she know that a wild goose chase, lasting several days, was about to ensue. Shortly after Nala had been collected by the doggy parlour staff, Tania’s husband received a call that would rock their world to its core: Nala had slipped her leash and run away. ...read more

Jabu’s Story

13th Jan, 2017
It has been six months since our darling Ridgeback, Runde, went to heaven. David and I were devastated as he was such a handsome, well-bred “gentleman”. A happy dear soul totally devoted to David. Although we wanted to adopt another Ridgeback, and David scrolled through the rescue website almost every day, I kept saying, “l’m not ready.” ...read more

A Friend For Life

10th Jan, 2017
Cougar came to live with us when he was about three months old. His mother, a stray, had only one kitten; my brother and his family took them in, but, as they were leaving for Australia, this wasn’t a permanent arrangement. While the mother cat found a home, the people who’d agreed to take her little white-and-tabby kitten changed their mind. Although we already had elderly cats, we couldn’t turn this kitten away. ...read more

Hey Joe

3rd Jan, 2017
It was the end of a hot, humid Saturday afternoon, and we’d been driving around Fisantekraal township for hours. We’d been called by a resident of the informal settlement to check on his dogs. Problem was that they were in the old section of the camp, which is a higgeldy-piggeldy place, and we were driving around in circles. But, as it turned out, getting lost that day was meant to be… ...read more

Little Richard

6th Jan, 2017
Richard came into my life rather unexpectedly, after he was dropped off at a friend’s veterinary practice by someone who found him in their garden. Despite attempts to find his owners, he was never claimed, so I volunteered to give him a home. ...read more

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