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Chelsea Le Roux and Fabian who was adopted from SPCA Louis Trichardt.
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Maya’s Story

29th Sep, 2016
Recently, during an attempted armed home invasion on a smallholding, Maya, an 18-month-old Pit Bull Terrier, heard a suspicious noise outside her home’s front entrance. The brave dog dashed outside – only to come face to face with armed intruders ...read more

What happened when one small Dachshund got lost on a very big mountain. On Thursday the 15th of September, my husband and I decided to take three of our Dachshunds for a walk to Silvermine dam, along with my niece, Sophie. We always keep them on a leash until we get to the river walk and then ...read more

The world of animal rescue is filled with daily disappointment in the human race. We see humans at their most irresponsible and cruel, and innocent animals paying the price. However, it also offers us the opportunity to see humans at their best – those who care enough to put compassion into action, who know the meaning of unconditional love for a furry friend, and who go the extra mile to make the world a better place... ...read more

It all started when I was tasked with photographing some cats at the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) in Port Elizabeth that were desperately seeking loving homes... I had one cat left to photograph, but upon approaching her pen I noticed this kitty was not like the others. She was more reserved and didn’t immediately approach you like the others. She was a real stunner – bright green eyes, fluffy black-and-white fur with a little black patch underneath the chin as if she’d slipped and fallen into some paint. There was also something odd about her ...read more

Warrior Girl (Ragna)

24th Jul, 2016
On Christmas Eve 2015, a filthy, emaciated ginger kitten of no more than four weeks old was brought in to Second Chance Sanctuary in The Bluff, Durban. I could only see its back because of the way it was being held, but when they turned it around I was absolutely speechless. Both eyeballs had prolapsed (bulging out) and were caked with ...read more

In a beautiful and tranquil conservancy nestled in Nelson Mandela Bay, three rescue dogs – Harley, PenniLane and HeyJude – are lovingly cared for by Marizanne Ferreira. Whoops! Let’s not forget the rescue cat, Dalmacijia, whose stern demeanour is somewhat amusingly accentuated by a ‘Hitler-like’ smudge of black fur across her top lip. The rescue dogs ...read more

Forever Romeo

27th Aug, 2016
We work in animal rescue with many beautiful spirits; we’re privileged in that way. Unfortunately, we also work with many selfish, foolish humans. But we also work with many selfless, loving humans who make the world a better place. And Romeo reminded us of just that… Romeo is an extraordinary dog: not only is he beautiful on the outside, but he has a truly magnificent heart – he never gives up. Having been hit by a car while roaming the streets as a stray, he ...read more

Penny the Porcupine

13th Sep, 2016
In March 2015, the Daniell Cheetah Project (DCP) in Kirkwood received a call from workers doing construction at a nearby prison. While digging, they found what seemed to be a porcupine hole. Upon closer inspection, they found a baby porcupine in the hole – no mother or brothers or sisters in sight, just this little porcupette ...read more

Duck Tales

23rd Aug, 2016
I was an au pair at the time when, one afternoon, I arrived at the family’s home with their middle child Kitty. Their dog was eagerly scratching to get out and, as I opened the gate, he bolted; in a flash, he found a gaggle of tiny goslings hiding in the bushes. One by one he snatched them up and killed them. Kitty and I desperately tried to stop him but he was super fast. Eventually, we managed to get ...read more

Out of the distance, two lions come running. One has strikingly long blonde ‘hair’ that cascades in the wind, the other a kind of dominance and an air around him. Their big paws produce clouds of dust as they dash towards you. Chuck and Norris, now three-and-a-half years old, didn’t always have such a carefree life – and probably would not have had a life at all if the Daniell Cheetah Project (DCP) hadn’t ...read more

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