Happy Tales

Chelsea Le Roux and Fabian who was adopted from SPCA Louis Trichardt.
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Having Hope

9th Jan, 2019
A small but big-hearted feral cat organisation run by volunteers was all that stood between the pastel tortoiseshell cat and spending the rest of her life in the cage she’d grown up in... ...read more

Senior Jack Russells Spottie and Nicky were to be put to sleep at their owner’s request and arrived at HAWS on the 19th of October 2018, bewildered and afraid. Forced to relocate, his new residence did not permit animals, so he phoned HAWS to fetch these golden oldies. ...read more

The small pile of wet black fur trembled – the only sign of life that led the passing law enforcement officer on Camps Bay beach to investigate further early one Sunday morning. ...read more

Just Jack

21st Dec, 2018
“There’s a man living in his car – and he has a doggie living with him.” That was the message I received in July 2017 from a distressed feral cat feeder in Benoni. She’d noticed them parked at the municipal buildings day after day and needed help urgently. ...read more

Finding Emma

19th Dec, 2018
Emma the German Shepherd Dog joined our family when she was just six weeks old. We immediately loved her, and when she went missing, we stopped at nothing to get her back… ...read more

Loving Luna

14th Dec, 2018
Adopting a deaf dog comes with its own set of challenges, but there was never any question that Luna would be ours. ...read more

To the moon and back

12th Dec, 2018
This is the story of Moon and a foundation called Moon’s Rescues. Moon was no bigger than my hand when I found her in April 2018. She was sitting all alone outside a small-town grocery shop two stores from our family business in the Brakpan CBD. ...read more


7th Dec, 2018
he brown bundle of soggy, filthy fur drowning in an abandoned swimming pool could barely be described as looking like a dog, never mind a golden Cocker Spaniel. But that’s exactly what he was. ...read more

Lost Lienka

5th Dec, 2018
Lienka loves to travel. Having bought a farm in Namaqualand, Northern Cape, in 2016, we often travel up and down between there and our house in Durbanville, Western Cape. ...read more

TimTam’s Tale

30th Nov, 2018
I remember hearing someone coming towards me and, not knowing what to expect, I kept my eyes closed and waited to feel one last rock or even a strike. But she paused. The woman radiated kindness and I could sense the anticipation in her. ...read more

Page 3 of 27, 265 articles found. Displaying: 21-30