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Chelsea Le Roux and Fabian who was adopted from SPCA Louis Trichardt.
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Our precious Ounooi

19th Sep, 2018
The filthy grey bundle of matted fur wrapped up in a blanket looked more like an old rug you’d throw out than a dog. But underneath that unkempt exterior was an adorable little poodle with a heart of gold. ...read more

Rufy the hero

14th Sep, 2018
When Pit Bull Terrier Rufy risked his life to protect his best friend from armed muggers, he nearly paid the ultimate price… ...read more

Annabel, the little brown cart pony, was in very poor physical condition when she arrived at the Cart Horse Protection Association Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre with another pony. The two ponies were confiscated together earlier in 2018 due to neglect. ...read more

Bibi had been waiting, sad and confused, at the vet for over six weeks after his family had been forced to return home to Malaysia, leaving their 15-year-old poodle behind. ...read more

Socks and Peach

5th Sep, 2018
A mother cat and her four-day-old kittens would have ended up in a box dumped alongside the road had nobody stepped in to help them. A foster was urgently needed and they had less than a week to find one. ...read more

Holly’s happy home

30th Aug, 2018
When the African Tails team is on the road with a well-planned-out schedule for the day ahead, nothing ever goes according to plan. Each day is peppered with unexpected events. The day Holly was rescued was no different. ...read more

When four-legged Metro Police officers Silver, Venus, Misty, Jinx and Vossie bowed out of service, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA were tasked with finding new pastures for their retirement. ...read more

The terrified brown dog was chained to the railing alongside the busy N3 highway near Harrismith, Free State, cars rushing by while he stood shaking, bewildered and alone. ...read more

Finding Phoebe

22nd Aug, 2018
The shocking story of how a man kidnapped two of his neighbour’s much-loved cats and dumped them over 40km away on open wasteland in the unsafe area of Atlantis Industrial, near Cape Town, horrified animal lovers everywhere. To date, only one of the cats has been found. This is her story… ...read more

Ralphie did not like humans AT ALL. When he came to us in October 2017, we really didn’t know quite how severe his reactiveness towards humans would be. He would need some serious TLC and loads of hard work to help restore his faith in humans. ...read more

Page 4 of 25, 246 articles found. Displaying: 31-40