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Chelsea Le Roux and Fabian who was adopted from SPCA Louis Trichardt.
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The orphaned baby elephant, no more than three or four weeks old, was found wandering on his own in the Kruger National Park, close to Phalaborwa, on the 8th of December 2017. The little guy was brought straight to Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. ...read more

Rexie to the rescue

10th Aug, 2018
Rexie was owned by foreigners who decided at the eleventh hour that he was no longer needed and had to be gone as soon as possible. And so they called me. Fast forward four years and it’s Rexie who does the rescuing for those who need him. ...read more

Marvellous Mango

8th Aug, 2018
Mango, the dark-ginger tabby, disappeared shortly after being adopted. This is the story of how a group of cat-lovers came together to find him and bring him home. ...read more

If truth be told, I’ve been putting off writing this incredibly special story because it was such a traumatic experience for me and for so many other people too, not to mention darling Maud. Yet it’s also been one of the most touching adoption stories I’ve experienced thus far and had the privilege of telling, as this story truly has a happy ending! ...read more

For two weeks, I spent hours on the beach studying the stray Husky-mix who’d been living wild amid the dunes. There were days that May in 2018 when I was on Blouberg beach for six hours at a time just watching, waiting, hoping. Every time I spotted her grey-and-white shape flitting along, I would dash up the dunes and hop into my car. ...read more

When a nervous little Yorkshire Terrier was found hanging out all alone near a shop in Betty’s Bay, Western Cape, nobody could have imagined the reunion that was to follow... ...read more

Having committed my life to helping senior dogs, I had to help Idumbe – but it was going to turn out to be harder than we ever imagined… ...read more

It was love at first sight when I met the baby genet in November 2017. It had been a great surprise when one of my clients called me to ask if I could take care of the genet, and the little one immediately started to drink from his bottle of kitty milk, which he loved. ...read more

When we met Pingu, she went by the name Liv, short for Lively, which is definitely the understatement of the century. She was a complete blur of energy – jumping, licking, and squealing with joy – all while still being doped up on painkillers from being spayed earlier that day. And we, being the suckers we are, instantly fell in love with this little “pocket rocket”. ...read more

Percy is a free cat. He has many admirers and, although some may feel sorry for him, he loves his life and the freedom to come and go as he pleases. ...read more

Page 5 of 25, 246 articles found. Displaying: 41-50