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Chelsea Le Roux and Fabian who was adopted from SPCA Louis Trichardt.
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Tux’s magic

19th Oct, 2018
All rescues have their own degree of trauma but also their own magic. Every now and then, however, a dog – usually from unbearable and life-threatening situations – comes into our care, bringing with it an extra dusting of special magic. ...read more

Left to right: Tracy Bertish with Spaghetti, Patrick Hemp and Cooper, and David Frank with Olive – all at puppy training Written by Faustina Gardner – Managing Director, DARG (Domestic Animal Rescue Group) How do you choose six puppies to take for rehoming and leave five behind, not knowing what kind of life they’re going to end up with? This was the decision DARG was faced with on Saturday, May 9th. Choosing six Eleven adorable… ...read more

Roo was born without front legs, and although he was a cheerful, otherwise healthy puppy, the people in the neighborhood started teasing him. Rural Thaba Nchu wasn’t a safe place for a disabled dog. ...read more

Skye was one of 19 neglected horses which were surrendered to the Highveld Horse Unit. When Kirsten visited their facilities, she fell head over heels in love with the beautiful Shire horse and knew, without a doubt, that he had to come home with her. ...read more

One lucky Lady

5th Oct, 2018
The story of the two young brothers from an impoverished background who went above and beyond to find help for their sick dog, Meisie, captured hearts, lifted spirits and showed that there is indeed much hope for the future. ...read more

AB’s sweet life

3rd Oct, 2018
The friendly white-and-ginger cat breezed into the area around a business in New Germany, near Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, searching for company and food. Unfortunately, those he sought attention from were not as friendly… ...read more

Oliver’s mother and five tiny siblings lay in the road, callously run over by a speeding driver and left for dead. ...read more

The tiny black-and-white baby Honey Badger was all alone in the vastness of a farm when he was found in July 2018. Due to our location, surrounded with the wild bushveld, little toothy critters make their way to us every so often. ...read more

Amazing Amber

21st Sep, 2018
In June 2009, a Rough Collie and a Boxer were bought in to the Benoni SPCA as strays. Both were microchipped, but, as the microchips hadn’t been registered, we couldn’t locate their owners. Whilst the Boxer was soon adopted, beautiful Amber lay quietly in a corner, waiting in vain for someone to notice her. That’s how Amber came into our lives. ...read more

Our precious Ounooi

19th Sep, 2018
The filthy grey bundle of matted fur wrapped up in a blanket looked more like an old rug you’d throw out than a dog. But underneath that unkempt exterior was an adorable little poodle with a heart of gold. ...read more

Page 5 of 27, 265 articles found. Displaying: 41-50