A Forever Home for Hudson

22nd Mar, 2019

Written by Sandy Clifton – Adoptions – African Tails

Professional photography by Sonette Crouse

Hudson became part of the African Tails family when he was found in Dunoon by Janika Tyni and Shannon Moore, who were involved in community educational outreach work in the area.

How Hudson survived for so long on his own, in such a state, was beyond our comprehension. We couldn’t believe the state this poor soul was in. Once again, it made us question humanity and the world in which we live. How’s it possible that an entire community could turn a blind eye to this boy? But, be that as it may, he was now in the safe hands of African Tails, and this was the first day of the rest of his life.

Hudson had severe mange, was malnourished, and had a missing paw. We still don’t know how that happened: he may been born this way, it may have been an act of unspeakable cruelty, or it may have been an injury. In the loving hands of his foster mom, Angie, Hudson had many months of rehabilitation ahead of him, including treatment for his skin and hydrotherapy. Angie took it all in her stride, and Hudson was happy to cooperate.

Hudson blossomed into the beautiful dog he is today. But long before his transformation, he caught the eye of the lady who was to become his forever mom. Elsabé van Zyl knew from the start that Hudson was meant for her and her other African Tails doggy, Apollo. We set the wheels in motion and started the adoption process. Not long after that, Hudson arrived at his new home in December 2018, a few days before the best Christmas of his life! 

Elsabé van Zyl, Hudson’s new owner, shares…

I fell in love with Hudson from the very first moment I saw his photo on Facebook. Although he was very ill and needed a lot of love and care, I felt an immediate connection. Thanks to your wonderful people at African Tails, a very special foster mother, and vet, he made a miraculous recovery, and – after many emails – I just knew he had to become part of my family.

On the 18th of December 2018, he drove into my home and heart. Although he’s a bit smaller than I originally thought, he has the heart of a lion. He adapted very well, and he and his brother, Apollo, get along well. They play and play and play. Hudson’s personality has developed since he arrived; he’s not afraid of anything and lives life to its fullest. He’s such an example that you must use every moment of every second chance you get.

Hudson has visited the vet twice and received a clean bill of health. He’s one happy puppy! He learnt to fetch a ball and loves his rugby ball. Yesterday, he was standing against the six-foot wall, balancing on his hind legs, as he wanted to meet the neighbour’s dog. He thinks he’s very big, but the truth is, he’s quite tiny!

My house isn’t quiet anymore, and he’s now such a happy dog. He found his voice, and one of his favourite things to do is bark. Hudson is such a joy, and I can’t imagine life without him!