CROW cares for a new generation of genets

Written by Chandré de Bruyn, Marketing Officer at CROW (Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife)

Curled up in their marshmallow-pink blankie, fast asleep, are four spotty little furballs. And, as peaceful as these adorable orphans look right now, when they’re awake, they’re a real handful.

It’s a full-time job

As baby season makes its way to the centre, CROW Clinic Nurse Sue-Ann Shutte has her hands full with these four baby genets. The energetic youngsters, who are all Large Spotted Genets (Genetta tigrine) between the ages of one and three weeks old, have found their way to the centre after being rescued from different locations around Durban.

All four babies receive around-the-clock care from their surrogate mom, Sue, who has the full-time job of juggling 2-hourly bottle feeds for her little litter. As any mother knows, despite the obvious sleep deprivation that comes with such a demanding job, Sue maintains that the long hours coupled with the lack of sleep will all be worth it once these youngsters have gained the strength and independence needed to fend for themselves in the wild.

Back to the wild

Sue explains, “Hand-rearing any wild animal is definitely not an effortless achievement, but the sense of fulfilment when releasing a rescued wild animal is what keeps you going on a daily basis.”

Since they’ve been admitted to CROW, they’ve doubled in weight and have begun to bond with their new brothers and sisters. All four genets in Sue’s care will be released once they’re able to find food and defend themselves in their natural habitat. This, after all, is the ultimate goal of organisations like CROW: to rehabilitate and release wild animals into a safe, natural habitat. Although it may be hard to say goodbye, this is the best for these animals.

CROW helps over 3000 orphaned, injured and displaced wild animals every year

CROW (Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife) is the only wildlife rehabilitation centre in Durban registered to work with all types of indigenous wildlife found in KZN. Every year, CROW rescues, rehabilitates and releases over 3000 orphaned, injured and displaced wild animals. As a registered non-profit organisation, CROW is 100% reliant on donations from the public.

The total cost to feed the four little babies’ specialised milk formula will be equal to a little over R700 a month. As they mature and grow, moving away from milk formula, they’ll be introduced to more suited and natural feeds so as to mimic their natural diet.

Check out the sheer cuteness of these babies here:

If you would like to help the CROW team care for these and the many other springtime orphans, please contact us directly on 031 462 1127 or at, and visit our website or Facebook page @crow.kzn to see other ways to get involved.

Important note

Genets are wild animals and should never be kept as pets, no matter how cute they are. The ultimate goal of places like CROW is to rehabilitate and release these animals back into the wild. If you love wild animals like CROW does, love them where they belong – in the wild.

Should you know of someone selling wild animals or see people hawking animals alongside the road, please do not buy them as this encourages the illegal and cruel wildlife trade. Instead, contact your local SPCA immediately.