Fortune favours the brave

Written by Blanche de Beer and professional photography by Birgit Kassier

The wonderful story of how a little grey-and-white cat with broken hind legs who was found in a drain went on to become a beloved, pampered family member.

An incredibly brave girl

On the 22nd of June last year I saw a picture of Gypsy on Cat Care Port Elizabeth’s Facebook page and I immediately wanted to adopt her. Three days later, I got to meet her for the first time; I totally fell in love. Her legs, which were broken when they found her, were bandaged and she had a pin in one leg, but they didn’t hold her back at all. She is an incredibly brave little girl. We officially adopted her on the 1st of July and renamed her Minki. 

Our courageous girl had to go for several check-ups at the vet; thankfully her progress was excellent. On the 8th of July, her bandages were removed (under sedation). That day was very traumatic for Minki (and us!): one of her hind legs was dragging badly, she was confused, and in a lot of pain despite the pain medication. I slept next to her for a few nights to keep an eye on her, comfort her, and to help her to the litter box. She quickly recovered, though.

Regained strength

On the 27th of July – just over one month since I’d first seen her picture and decided that she was coming home with me – the pin in her leg was removed and she was spayed. Now the rest of her life could begin! Since then she’s become stronger and healthier, and regained the strength in her back legs. Minki and her brother, Remmi, are both indoor cats, and they run and play constantly. She plays hide-and-seek and loves playing in my son’s Spiderman tent. Minki is an extremely affectionate cat. 

Thanks to CCPE for rescuing her and fixing her, and to her foster mom, Carol Evans, for all that she did for Minki.

And you are right, Carol: our lives have been immensely enriched by having Minki in our life.

Carol Evans, Minki’s foster mum, shares…

When I first fetched Gypsy (now Minki) from the vet, my first impression was what a brave little girl she was and such a fighter. Each day she would sit in her pink doughnut bed and clean herself – yes, she still took pride in her appearance. When she wanted to use the litter box, she would drag herself to it, climb in and actually lie down to have a wee; when finished, she climbed out and covered it up – amazing!

The strength and tenacity she showed taught me many lessons, the least of which is to never give up and always do your best, which is exactly what little Gypsy did.

Thank you, my little princess, for the love you shared with me and to everyone else who had the wonderful opportunity of meeting you. To Blanche, you are a very special person for accepting Gypsy into your life and home, and I know without a shadow of doubt that your lives have been enriched by her.

Helen White, volunteer at Cat Care Port Elizabeth, shares…

Gypsy was saved as a teenage kitten. She had been in the drain for a good few days, severely injured with both hind legs broken, and unable to pull herself out. This little scrap of a cat was already starving and dehydrated when a passing pedestrian heard her and contacted Cat Care. After being rescued, she never gave up. She rallied after her operation and came out of her bandages amazingly soon after being adopted. And today she can run, jump and play like any other cat; one would never think she had been through what she has.