Hog hero

3rd Feb, 2017

As the world’s only painting pig, Pigcasso is an original. Rescued from a typical industrialised hog “farm” in the Western Cape in which pigs live in merciless conditions, Pigcasso is one lucky, fine swine! From potential pork chop to hog heaven at Farm Sanctuary SA in Franschhoek where she resides, Pigcasso loves the good things in life: Eat. Sleep. Eat. Repeat.

Painting a better picture for pig-kind

Pigcasso also loves to paint. Her artistic talents have made headlines around the world and she can boast over 28 million views on her painting of Table Mountain. From dinner plate-destined to heralded headliner, Pigcasso is on a mission to paint a better picture for pig-kind, exposing the truth about pig production to consumers. She hopes to inspire them to make kinder, more compassionate choices at the supermarket.

“Many people claim to love animals,” says Farm Sanctuary SA founder and director Joanne Lefson, “but the reality is that 98% of animals on the planet today are farm animals – and the vast majority live in conditions that no one would find acceptable. Look inside these operations hidden from public view and, trust me, you’d never eat an animal again!”

Oinktastic artist

At almost 250lb (113kg) and counting, Pigcasso is one heavyweight expressionist. She loves to waddle into the VITO van and head out to paint the Cape’s scenic landscapes – inspired by a picnic basket fit for her unrivalled appetite. (Caramel popcorn and syrup peaches – more please!) Brushing across the canvas like a seasoned pro, she only stops occasionally to delve her nose into her snack box. 

She also recently opened her OINK Gallery – a world first – and art connoisseurs are invited to invest in a Pigcasso. Every original Pigcasso is personally signed by her nose-tip and select originals are filmed and available at an additional charge.

Proceeds benefit Farm Sanctuary SA’s mission of compassion for farm animals – specifically banning the use of sow confinement on South African pig “farms” – methods that have been banned in most parts of the world already. That being Pigcasso’s primary purpose… and to have one of her artworks hanging in in the Musee d’Orsay one day, of course.


For more information on Pigcasso, to visit her gallery at Farm Sanctuary SA, or to purchase a painting, visit pigcasso.org | farmsanctuarysa.org

Watch Pigcasso strut her stuff on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n-Ps_u04l8

Photos supplied by Farm Sanctuary SA