Holly finds happiness

Written by Kathryn Marett

The little wire-haired terrier was tied to the fence of the empty house with a telephone cable. It was pouring with rain and empty bowls lay beside the shivering dog whose feet were ice-cold and muddy. This is how Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment (PACT) found her at an abandoned house in Phoenix, KwaZulu-Natal, after being alerted to her plight by the landlord.


The young dog’s owners had recently been evicted from the house they’d been renting. On conducting an inspection days later, the landlord found the tiny dog tied up outside, lonely and afraid. Not knowing what else to do, he contacted Neeri Naidoo of PACT, an organisation that takes care of and finds forever homes for abandoned animals.

PACT removed the scared dog and took her straight to Ashburne Vet to be checked over, where she received a clean bill of health. They immediately put the sad little dog’s picture up on social media to find a foster or forever home. And that’s when I found out about her.

My mother and I are both big animal lovers (I’m a veterinary nurse) and I’d been keeping my eyes open for a small-breed dog as my mother wanted to adopt a little friend for her rescued Daschund, Zorro.

Holly moves to Bethlehem

I was fostering kittens for Neeri and the moment I saw Holly’s picture, I promptly phoned her and asked if we could offer the little girl a home. That very afternoon I fetched her from the vet, after she’d been spayed. My mother was absolutely over the moon – she’d fallen in love with her just from pictures – and she came from her home in Bethlehem two days later to fetch her new dog. As this was December, not too far from Christmas, and she was so beautiful, we named her Holly.

Holly now lives the life of absolute luxury in Bethlehem, in the Free State, in a home she happily shares with her adopted brother, Zorro.

Her new human doesn’t work so Holly spends her days bouncing around in the garden, playing up a storm with Zorro, going for car rides – and curling up in mom’s and dad’s lap for snuggles and cuddles. Holly also goes for pamper sessions at the doggy groomer and comes back looking super-sweet and very spiffy!

Holly has a long and happy life ahead of her and will never, ever know what neglect is ever again.

Neeri Naidoo of PACT adds, “Kathryn is a wonderful foster mom and her mom an even more precious animal lover. Holly has certainly ended up in a lap of luxury.”