Jack Sparrow

7th Dec, 2017

Written by Jolanda Spies, Adoptions Officer at Bellville branch of Animal Anti-Cruelty League

Professional photography by Kym Clayton Photography

On a steaming hot day in October 2017, a little white Maltese of barely five months old was brought to us for help. His right eye was injured (and it looked as if it had happened a couple of days earlier) and his owner stated that he’d been bitten by another dog.

When our veterinary staff asked her to put him on the examination table, she did not even want to touch him because he was covered in ticks and fleas. Needless to say, the veterinary staff asked her if she would prefer to surrender the puppy.

Well, this little man’s life changed at that very moment when she agreed.

The eye could not be saved

The injured youngster was rushed into theatre where the surgeon removed his eye, which, unfortunately, could not be saved. He had immediate tick and flea treatment – and woke up to a soft bed and a generous bowl of food.

We named him Jack Sparrow.

Jack is the sweetest little pup. He plays for hours with his toys or hooves and is always happy to see everyone. It was not long before Conrad called, showing an interest in adopting him. When he visited, he immediately fell in love with Jack. We love happy endings!

I immediately fell in love

Konrad Davidtz, Jack’s new owner, says, “I have a ‘small heart’ (as they say in Afrikaans) and love animals. Natasha, my beautiful wife, was on Facebook; she saw the ad and, without thinking twice, sent it to me.

“The moment I saw the ad, I wanted the little guy. I called the animal shelter that same day. Off I went to fill out the forms and to meet little Jack Sparrow. I immediately fell in love; he just made my heart melt! The little dog was so beautiful and friendly; his tail was wagging and he was so excited to see me. I committed to adopt him and so the process started.

“A week later, he was at home with us. Our two sons simply love Jack – they help with his duties, they take him out for walks and they keep his tummy full! He already has his own special spot on the couch and he loves to lie on it with the boys; they have a very precious special connection. My youngest, Luke, gave him a soft toy (a banana) which he loves! I took him for a cut and a blow dry and he is just too cute – almost a total makeover!

“I am very grateful for my wife and Jolanda at AACL Bellville South for giving us the opportunity to have Jack Sparrow in our lives. He is surely loved and cared for. You can see from the photos how happy he is in his new life. You can literally feel the love from this incredible little dog. “