Keeping a promise to Henry

21st Nov, 2018

By Alicia Thomas, Committee Member SPCA Louis Trichardt

Photography by Alicia Thomas and Anna Schardt (Germany)

Life is all about choices. Make sure you make the right ones… and always keep your promises.

Keeping promises

Henry’s story is a story of inspiration, love, dedication and keeping promises. Handsome white-and-tan Henry was adopted from the SPCA Louis Trichardt in February 2018. And even though his adopter, Kerstin Weier, knew that relocating back to her home country of Germany might be on the cards in their near future, it didn’t make a difference to her decision to adopt Henry. And it made no difference whatsoever to the promise she made to him.

Kerstin immediately felt a special bond and connection with Henry; there was absolutely nothing going to stand in her way to make him a part of her family. And so it was.

We’d named him Henry – a name fit for a king – on the day he arrived at our SPCA, and the moment Kerstin met him, he was king of her heart. Henry had a fabulous seven months of South African living, and when the time came, he boarded that plane to Germany right along with his family.

Sharing the journey

We had the privilege of sharing this amazing journey with the Weier family and Henry, from adoption to departure to his new life.

Blood test after blood test, all the vaccinations that were needed, getting him used to a crate for the flight to Germany… nothing was too much for this family, not even the price of his flight (which cost about three times as much as that of his human mom’s flight).

We were kept in the loop of his whole journey, including arriving safely in Germany, another two-hour trip to his new home, and the introductions made to his new four-footed friends. Henry now resides in Germany with his amazing family, and we couldn’t have dreamt of a happier ever after for this boy.

Auf wiedersehen

To the Weier family: How can we ever thank you enough? Thank you for keeping your promise to Henry and for making him a part of your family. May he bring you endless joy and smother you with unconditional love and sloppy thankful kisses every single day for the rest of his happy life!

To our darling Henry: Auf Wiedersehen Süsser. Träume werden doch wahr. Wir sind voller Freude für dich.

And to anyone reading Henry’s Happy Tale: before you adopt or get a dog to be a part of your family, make sure you do everything in your power to keep your promises to him or her. You are their whole world, and they deserve to always be part of yours too.

Video credit to Lesley Gaigher

Kerstin Weier, Henry’s new owner, shares…

When I went to the SPCA Louis Trichardt with my daughter in January 2018, I was really not looking to adopt. One of my dogs had just passed away and I thought opening my heart to another dog that soon would simply be impossible. We were just going to visit…

Well, then I met Henry – and he makes loving him very easy. Interestingly, he was surrendered “because he didn’t get along with small dogs”, and yet so far he’s shown that he loves dogs (and people) of all sizes and shapes without exception. He loves Germany and enjoys going to work with me and my other dog, Luna, every day.

I’m so glad I adopted him, even though the relocation wasn’t easy. It was well worth the trouble.