Loula’s GOTCHA day!

Written by Alicia Thomas, Committee Member – SPCA Louis Trichardt

If you are lucky, a dog will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything!

That one special dog

Being involved in animal rescue, volunteering at the SPCA or any rescue organisation, you will be blessed that this very often happens to you. Every now and again there’s that one special dog that just grabs your heart and will not let go!

That one dog that makes you realise why you do what you do and that will make you keep on pushing even harder for others like her, for others that need rescuing in future, and for others that deserve a “happy ever after” too. And, even though you know your heart will break into a million pieces – maybe a thousand times more – there are those special ones that make it so worthwhile.

For our SPCA, Loula has been one of those exceptional dogs, placed on this earth to show and teach us so much more about unconditional love and forgiveness. I know I speak for all of us at SPCA Louis Trichardt.

This is a tribute to our Loula, a celebration of her adoption day – her happiest GOTCHA Day (the day when an animal is adopted). It is a thank you to her for the difference she has made in our lives, for being one of those dogs that stole our hearts and changed everything for us all!

She was a mom

Early in September 2016, we were contacted by Louise Christine Furter regarding a stray dog that had showed up at their offices. When we arrived, it was clear that the skinny, cream-coloured wire-haired dog was a mom – and she was still lactating; there must have been puppies somewhere.

We suggested leaving her there for the night and for someone to follow her if she decided to return to her pups. But, the next morning, the friendly little dog was still there so we took her to the vet for an overall check-up.

Apart from being malnourished, this girl was in fair health and the vet advised us that, if she hadn’t returned to her pups in 24 hours, they were either picked up by someone or, sadly, almost certainly dead. We decided to take her with us.

All she wanted was love

We took her to our SPCA and named her Loula, after Louise, her rescuer. Loula was so calm and docile that we actually took her for a second check-up a week later, just to be sure that she wasn’t ill. She once again tested A-Okay and, as it turned out, all this girl needed and wanted was some good food, shelter and loads of love… which is exactly what she got!

She became the best of friends with our other SPCA adopted “office” dogs and immediately fit in as part of the pack. It was only a matter of time: Loula had charmed her way into so many hearts with her gorgeous eyes and stunning personality, and it was the easiest decision for us to make – Loula was adopted by our SPCA. She was now part of a family – our SPCA family!

We believe that, for the first time in her life, she could be a carefree dog with no worries; for the first time, she could just frolic and play. But, above all, she was relaxed and felt safe.

Part of a real family

For almost a year Loula was our treasure, she was loved and spoilt by everyone who visited our SPCA – she’d found her home and family right here. Until the day that Marina Joubert contacted us. She’d fallen in love with Loula. We all knew that Loula’s time to shine had come. It was her turn to be part of a real family, to have a real home, a couch to fall asleep on while basking in the light of a television set with her head resting on a human’s lap. It was Loula’s turn for her happy ever after.

The Joubert family had adopted from our SPCA before – Loula is the fifth rescue addition to their amazing family. We could not have wished for a better forever home and family for our girl.

It was only fitting to give Loula the farewell she deserved, so we decided to make it one to remember! We took her and all our SPCA adopted fur kids, her little pack, for a picnic at a local waterfall with her closest humans and fur friends.

It was, selfishly, a very bitter-sweet day for us all, but for our Loula it was the very first day of her happiest ever after! We knew we would miss her sorely every single day at the SPCA but our hearts were happy for her.

Thank you to the Joubert family for opening your hearts once again to one of our SPCA’s most precious treasures. We know that Loula will expand and stretch your hearts to endless boundaries, just as she’d done to ours.

Go well dearest, darling Loula – thank you for changing our lives. And thank you, again, to the Joubert family for changing yours.

Loula’s mom, Marina, says…

The day I decided to adopt from Louis Trichardt SPCA, my whole outlook and perspective was changed; my whole world changed. Never have I ever experienced love and gratitude like this – rescued animals love deeply and with a devotion I cannot put into words.

If you are in the position to turn an animal’s life around, waste no more time – DO IT!

I promise you, you will not only be changing their world but yours will be changed forever too.

Loula is the fifth amazing SPCA addition to our family and we love her to the moon and back. Adopting her, and all our other rescued fur kids, was the best decision we ever made.