15th May, 2019

Co-written by Julie Marzio and Libby Cunningham, of Fur-Get-Me-Knot

We first came across this young dog tied to a kennel, on a very short lead, in Westlake, in October 2017. We tried to speak to the owners, but the woman kept saying it was her husband’s dog. Eventually, we reported the case to the SPCA Cape of Good Hope, and they visited and gave a warning.

Thereafter, the dog roamed the streets and became a “nobody’s dog”. She then frequented another home, where we found she had a damaged hind leg. This family did not want her nor the vet bills to come.

Ann and Sam Zinn kindly donated some funding, and we had her checked out at the vet. We decided to name her Zinna, after the Zinns. We found a temporary home in Westlake where a kind lady, Carol Carelse, kept an eye on her for us.

We managed, through Sandi Feinstein, to secure a fabulous kennel for her donated by a religious group, and so she was a little more settled. On one of our Tuesdays in Westlake, Carol approached us to say that the dog was hurt. After struggling to get her out of the kennel, we immediately took her to Steenberg Vet, where Dr Achim advised treating her with anti-inflammatory drugs for 10 days in the hope that the leg would improve.

She went to Libby Cunningham’s home in order to monitor her condition and to administer her medication. Unfortunately, there was no improvement in the hind leg, so Dr Achim decided to perform a femur head removal operation.

By this time, Libby Cunningham had contacted her friends Thor Holm and Knut Lie, who live in Oslo, Norway, about this sad case. They’d been looking for a new furry soul to replace their previous dog adopted from Khayelitsha. They immediately fell in love with her via a Skype video call and renamed her Moxy. They said that they’d pay her vet costs, plus her rehabilitation programme involving months of acupuncture, massage, laser and hydrotherapy that was overseen by Dr May of Pet Wellness Worx, in Monte Vista.

In the meantime, she stayed with Libby, where she rehabbed in peace and quiet while being given heaps of love and care in order to gain her strength and confidence. Her quarantine period was done here in Cape Town, which meant no delays on her arrival in Oslo.

Eventually, the day came when she’d fly all the way to Norway to be with her sponsors and new owners. Thor flew out from Oslo to travel back with her. She’s adapted really well and now frolics in the snow in winter. Her new vet in Oslo has been checking her over regularly and is thrilled with her continued progress. She’s a well-adjusted dog who lives the life of Larry and is truly loved by her new owners. Not bad for a Westlake gal!

Thanks to all involved in her rescue, care and rehab. We’ve certainly made a difference to this one dog.

Knut Lie and Thor Holm, Moxy’s owners, share…

Moxy is a beautifully natured dog, and despite her hard start in life has turned into a lovely companion. Thanks to Libby and all the wonderful care from Steenberg Vet and Pet Wellness Worx, her leg is problem-free, and she leads a very active and happy doggie life in Norway!

She loves playing in the snow in winter and has made lots of new doggie and human friends in the neighbourhood! She brings us so much joy, and we’re very grateful to Libby and Julie for rescuing her. Keep up your excellent work; we support you and thank you for making such a difference.