My boys Ridley and Logan

8th May, 2019

Written by Caroline Hartley

Professional photography by Nelia Schwim-Cornelius Photography

Ridley’s Story

Found in the street and immediately taken to Pet Medix Paarl, Ridley had a huge, deep wound on his fore limb. Dr Walles investigated and found that the leg was very infected, but it could be saved. Ridley tested negative for FIV and Leukemia, and his wound began to heal very well. During his hospitalisation, Ridley would often be given outings within the practice, where he’d lovingly nudge people for attention.

In collaboration with a rescue organisation, Pet Medix Paarl began to look for a new home for Ridley. Jo-Marie, a friend of mine who fosters kittens, alerted me to Ridley’s story when I had told her how broody I was for another cat. I went to meet Ridley, who was so friendly and playful. I knew he was destined to come home with me!

Logan’s Story

Logan had a terrible start to his life before Raise ‘n Rescue were able to intervene. Hit by a plank for stealing food, Logan’s left eye and left hind leg were seriously damaged. Tin Can Town found him and took him to a nearby vet. Luckily, his left eye didn’t have to be removed, but he did undergo surgery for his left tibia.

After recovering in hospital, Logan was placed into the care of Raise ‘n Rescue, while they looked for a suitable home for him. While visiting Ridley at the vet, I asked Jo-Marie who the other kitty was in the cage. She explained his history, and I immediately booked to take him home too, along with Ridley.

Ridley and Logan came to live with me on the 16th of March 2019, and they’ve quickly crept into my heart. Lovable, playful, and affectionate, Logan and Ridley are remarkable, especially considering their respective histories. Nowadays, Ridley is lively, affectionate and gorgeous, and Logan is an extremely busy chap who particularly enjoys playing games on a cell phone or tablet!