Oliver’s Story

19th Dec, 2016

Written by Regan Rocchi and photography by Strike a Pose Photography

Saving the starving and injured cat

Blue-eyed Oliver was found by a human angel who rushed him to the vet after he’d been run over by a car. Not only was the little colourpoint cat badly injured, but he was starving. He’d clearly been lost for some time. His hind leg was so badly damaged that the vet had to amputate it; after the op she kindly kept him for the initial recovery period. Despite searching and advertising, his real family was never found.

Once he’d recovered enough, Oliver (as he was by then named) needed a foster home – the vet already had seven cats of her own. We decided as a family to foster him until he’d fully recovered and was happy and healthy again; then we could find him the appropriate adoption home.  

How Oliver goes from strength to strength – and becomes a failure

Oliver came to stay with us at the end of July 2016. He’d put on a little bit of weight during his time with the vet but you could still clearly feel his ribs. Even his whiskers were all broken. He didn’t move around a lot and spent most of the day lying down. The poor thing’s little paw pads were badly burnt and I had to rub cream onto each individual little pad twice a day for just over two weeks. At first he fought me, not enjoying the process at all. Eventually, however, he became so used to it that after I’d finished with the first paw, he practically gave me his other paws.

Slowly but surely, Oliver got better and better. He is also getting fatter and fatter! He started following me around so I made a point of walking from one side of the house to the other – making him walk to increase his strength. We have two other rescue cats and he has now started to run around and play with them – it’s wonderful to see. Every day a little bit more of his personality comes out; he purred for the first time three weeks ago and hasn’t stopped since.

No one really knows what happened to Oliver and how long he was out wondering the streets, hurt and hungry. From all the scars on his legs, burnt paws, broken whiskers, etc. I don’t even want to imagine what he’s been through. But that was then and this is now. Now he is loved, happy, healthy (albeit quite plump) and safe. Oliver will not be leaving us – this little three-legged cat is a foster fail, and has officially been adopted by the Rocchi Family.

Oliver after the operation Oliver at the vet, very sick and sore Oliver comes to stay at the Rocchis to begin his recovery Oliver saying goodbye in the mornings Oliver saying goodbye in the mornings Oliver saying goodbye in the mornings