Our foster fail… Roxy

15th Mar, 2019

Written by Lilisha Chetty

Professional photography by Ryan Bharath – Centuric Media

Roxy was owned by a lady who decided to move to Doha. She left Roxy with her daughter who had two small babies, a few cats and big dogs. Roxy is a very needy dog who thrives off human contact. The lady’s daughter didn’t necessarily mistreat Roxy, but with two really small kids and independent pets of her own she wasn’t able to give her the individual attention she needed. Roxy isn’t compatible with cats, and because the bigger dogs didn’t like her, they bullied her. The lady contacted PARR (PMB Animal Rescue & Rehome) and decided to surrender her to them. 

My husband, Gavin, and I had recently signed up with PARR to volunteer and also agreed to foster (not fully understanding what it meant). I received a call from PARR telling me about Roxy. I was told when she was being surrendered and was asked if I could go and meet her at the vet the day she was coming in. When I met them all it was clear that the lady surrendering her was overwhelmed. Roxy was petrified and confused. After her vaccinations they were going to take her to the SPCA’s kennels until they confirmed a foster. I couldn’t bear to see her go, and so I took her home immediately from the vet – a surprise for my husband!

The next few weeks were difficult as Roxy was extremely needy. She chose Gavin as her person. If we left her at home, she’d howl from the time we left until we got home. Neighbours would tell us she’d be waiting on the windowsill most of the time. However, during this time she began creating a bond with our fur baby Anna and doing everything that she did. We eventually had to move as the complex wasn’t happy with Roxy’s constant crying. 

Long story short, Roxy completed our family and we adjusted to her neediness and clinging. Anna sort of helped her and she realised that we always came back. It didn’t mean she liked it, but she stopped crying the entire time. We introduced her to her other fur siblings who lived with my mom-in-law at the time.

We soon realised that Roxy, our first foster, was a part of our family and we couldn’t let her get adopted. We officially adopted her about a month later, and the rest is history. Of our five fur babies, Roxy believes she’s different; she rides with her dad everywhere in the front of the bakkie while the rest are in the back. If we’re not taking any dogs with us to go in the car, she gets in the car as though she’s meant to go with us. She’s stolen our hearts and is most definitely very precious to us.

We started fostering her in August 2017, and the vet said she was then two years old.