Paige’s Story

Written by Candice Allan 

In March 2014 we lost our dear Pharaoh, the most amazing black cat. We experienced a deep loss and our home was not the same. I’d had three black cats previously and vowed to never live without a black cat. They are incredible!

I begged my hubby to adopt another cat. For a long time the answer was always ‘no’ as he was concerned about upsetting our other kitties, Chessie, 14, and Emerald, 7. I showed him Facebook pictures daily of all the cats needing homes. None of that worked until, one day, DogtownSA put an adoption advertisement on Facebook…

A Page From Her Old Life

The minute I saw this beautiful black kitty my heart melted. She was 15 years old; Pharaoh would have been 15 then, had he still been alive. I was sold. I hadn’t met her but I knew she had to be part of our family. I showed Justin her photo and, surprisingly, the answer was ‘okay’. I immediately contacted DogtownSA who were excited for her to possibly get a home at age 15. My heart broke when I heard her story…

When Paige was 13 years old, she was left at a boarding kennel while her owner went on holiday; she was never collected. The individual who owned the kennels released her to live in a feral colony, where she lived for two years. One day, Elanza of DogtownSA saw her when walking the dogs. Paige had a major infection on her face and was very uncomfortable. She also suffered from chronic constipation and walked with a little hobble. 

Elanza noticed that she was tame and, on investigation, found out her story from the kennel owner. She was given the necessary medical treatment and fostered with Elanza and Wilmé. Paige became DogtownSA’s first cat up for adoption!

Paige’s New Chapter

We went for a meet and greet to see if Paige would like us. She was completely opposite to our crazy Pharaoh, with such a sweet, beautiful demeanour. This little old lady walked to us with quite the waddle – her short legs are adorable. We just fell in love with her meow; it appears as if she’d had some sort of untreated bronchitis or something that affected her voice. She cannot meow and has a quack instead. It is the cutest thing! From then we couldn’t wait for the home inspection so that Paige could come home with us. Being such a relaxed kitty we knew she’d fit in with no problems.

Paige is the perfect match for our family. Being an old, inactive girl with a limp, our home was already kitted out for her: we have steps for the senior cats to get onto the couch, bed, dining room table, and in and out of the window. She has been with us for two-and-a-half months and is completely at home. 

Unfortunately, we found that Paige has kidney disease, which is quite normal for cats of her age. She’s now on medication, which has definitely improved her quality of life.

Paige loves being cuddled, getting kisses and having her tummy tickled, while she will ‘header’ your mouth when you want to kiss her. She eats very well, still has all her teeth, and enjoys a drop of milk as a treat. She loves rolling in the sand and lying in the sun and, when she is cold, she curls up under all the blankets. Her sleeping spot at night is on a pillow between Justin and me – such a spoilt little girl! We discovered that she is not afraid of water when she lay on me while I was in the bath; her tail and legs got wet all the way up to her tummy.

We’re still learning more about Paige’s personality but what we do know is that she’s happy and deserves every bit of love and pampering. She has blessed us greatly and we love her dearly. Thank you DogtownSA for saving Paige and giving us another furry child to love.