The lucky life of Evie

26th Jul, 2017

Written by Isolde van der Merwe

After our last four-legged girl slipped into heaven in January, our hearts were broken and my partner, Johan, and I decided we’d have a break. But we were constantly asked when we’d be getting a new “child”. Having decided to wait a while, my answer was: “The only way I’ll have another is if he or she crosses the road in front of me with a chain around its neck.”

I mean, what were the chances of this happening? Well, believe it or not, that is exactly what happened.

The dog was a bag of bones

It was late afternoon on Sunday the 16th of April 2017. On returning home from a visit to my brother in Darling, we passed through the impoverished area of Atlantis. We’d enjoyed a great lunch and were feeling very lazy when my father suddenly swerved.

Through the window we glimpsed a tan-coloured bag of bones, battling to keep her head up… with a heavy chain around her neck! Chaos broke out in the car: what should we do? Then I realised that, actually, I knew exactly what to do…

Her tail started to wag

We turned the car around and went looking for her. It was close to dark and the area can be unsafe, so time was limited. We drove up and down and, when giving one last run down the highway, driving slowly in the yellow line, Johan spotted her. She was lying on a piece of black bag at the side of the road – and she did not look good. But what amazed us was that her tail started to wag as we approached her.

We lifted her into our car and shot back to Darling to the Swartland SPCA, where everything just fell into place. 

Luckily for us, although late, there was still somebody there to help. Luckily for us there was a “room” available inside. Luckily for us they could quickly check, treat her, and give her a warm blanket and food. And, luckily for us, the vet was coming the following day.

New life for Evie

The dog was very sick. She had tick bite fever, was severely malnourished and dehydrated, and very weak. The wonderful people at Swartland SPCA treated her for a month and we visited as often as we could, my brother doing weekly trips on our behalf. 

We named her Evie, meaning life.

Evie-girl pulled through and we now have a new “baby” in the home. This baby thinks she is small and can sit on your lap, play softly, and kiss anybody with some slimy left-overs! She also loves photos – she even stops and poses – and also loves her toys and going for walks. After five weeks, she finally realised that she can bark. Evie also collects our clothes, blankets, towels and stashes them in her bed; no tearing or shredding, just lying on them. 
And she enjoys visiting ouma and oupa!

We’ve never adopted before so having a dog that is older and that you don’t know what her life was like is a process. Small steps, lots of love, hugs and walks is all that we have for her. And, thus far, she has been an angel. Welcome, Evie, to your forever home. We guarantee lots of fun, hugs and loves at the Van der Merwes!