The Rautenbach Family’s Reunion

16th Nov, 2018

Written by Madelein Rautenbach

Our story of emigrating with our dogs, Blackie and Krimmels, started when our planned emigration to Australia happened quicker than expected. This meant that our little ones had to move in with my mom, Karin Erasmus, Founder of Pro Life Pet Rescue in Nelspruit, to prepare for their part of the move.

A long process

The process would take at least six months with vaccinations and tests needing to be performed; to top it off, Christmas was just around the corner, which we knew would cause some delays. And, so, as the 2018 New Year commenced, my mom started Blackie and Krimmels’ preparation for their Australian adventure.

Blood tests had to be done, as well as vaccinations, check-ups and microchipping. We were guided through all the red tape throughout by Carleen Bond from The Pets Taxi. Once our doggies were cleared, Carleen booked their flights, while I booked their permits and quarantine in Melbourne.

Emigrating with pets is not for the faint-hearted and takes time, patience, and funds.

New arrivals

Blackie and Krimmels arrived on the 19th of July 2018. They had to spend 10 days in quarantine (which was increased by a few days because of parasite treatment being administered one day too late in South Africa).

A good few Rands and some anxious days later, the issue was sorted out and we could arrange for their release from quarantine. We couldn’t wait to have them home.  

It’s an eight-hour road trip between Melbourne and Adelaide – a big drive for us and the dogs. So we contacted an Australian pet transport company called Dogtainers to arrange for them to be picked up, flown across the country and dropped off with us, cutting the journey time for the doggies from eight hours down to two, and saving us a 16-hour round trip.

Home at last

We were so excited to see them again; my husband took leave from work and the kids were all jittery. They were scheduled to arrive at about 14h00.

Then, to our frustration, their flight got cancelled and they had to spend three hours with Dogtainers – and we had to contain ourselves for another three hours too. But, we consoled ourselves, what’s another three hours after waiting 10 months?

Finally they were dropped off, safe and sound. We were over the moon to see our furry family members’ little faces again. They settled so quickly; it was like they were never away from us.

Admittedly, not all family members were as excited to meet them; we’d acquired a kitten (the house was just too empty without any furry bodies) and Ozzy the cat was not happy at all. They’re all still getting used to each other, but we hope they’ll be besties soon.

Krimmels and Blackie were both adopted from the Alberton SPCA. Bringing them with us has made them the most expensive rescues ever. But it was worth every cent! 

Enjoy watching the wonderful reunion of Blackie and Krimmels with their overjoyed family here