Zora and Zee

Written by Heather Cowie, Public Relations Officer, Animal Anti-Cruelty League Johannesburg

Professional photography by Jacqui L. Photography

When the car in front of Miriam Bezuidenhout drove over a stray Jack Russell in the middle of the road in July 2017, she didn’t think twice to slam on the brakes to help.

Tyre marks all over his body

He was lying on his back, but as soon as Miriam tried to pick him up, the terrified dog got up and ran away. Miriam, who is the kennel supervisor for AACL Johannesburg, followed the dog for several blocks until, finally, she picked him up.

She immediately noticed tyre marks all over his body and rushed him to AACL’s hospital, where he was placed on a drip and given medication for pain. Incredibly, on examination by the veterinarian, the plucky Jack Russell was found to not have any broken bones or serious injury.


Miriam posted on a Facebook group about the Jack Russell she had picked up; almost immediately she received feedback that someone’s Jack Russell had escaped that very morning. They sent her some photo images him and she confirmed it was the very same dog!

The owner was contacted and quickly came through to “owner claim” her dog, whose name was Zora. Of course, Zora was microchipped before he went home, just in case. To make sure Zora wouldn’t be lonely, his owner then decided that he needed a friend and subsequently adopted a sweet little female from AACL Johannesburg whom she named Zee.

It is wonderful when what could have been a sad story ends up being a very happy one indeed.

Hlengie Malabie, Zee and Zoro’s owner, shares…

We were heartbroken when Zora went missing and when we heard he’d been knocked down by a car, we were devastated. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Miriam, the neighbourhood group chat for helping us find him, and to Happy Tails for sharing our story with other dog owners and dog lovers.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to give Zee a home. She is so happy and energetic and we love having her around. And Zee and Zora are getting along very well.