Pavement special, designer dog, random-bred, mutt – so many names for our mixed-breed furry friends, none of which express what they really are: unique and exceptional.

With the MuttMix DNA test, you can solve the intriguing puzzle that is your mixed-breed companion. Aside from sheer curiosity, knowing your dog’s ‘pedigree’ can be helpful for maintaining future health as well as identifying potential behavioural needs. The results come with an information sheet for each breed found, covering the breed’s typical personality and physical traits as well as potential health issues. For example, should one of the breeds be prone to hip dysplasia, you can start preventative measures early.

How it works

The test itself is quick and painless; the MuttMix kit includes a specimen vial containing two swabs with which you’ll swab your dog’s mouth then send to the lab. Six weeks (and much anticipation) later, all is revealed. Results are shown in levels, from one to five, with level one indicating that 75% or more of a breed has been detected, right down to level five at 10% or less. There may sometimes be a little ‘background’ noise that goes unexplained – that is the magic of the mixed-breed dog.

At MuttMix we really care about dogs. We donate R100 to a participating shelter for each kit distributed by that shelter and are working to get MuttMix into shelters so that adopters can find out more about their new family member. For a nominal cost, your MuttMix kit will be couriered to you – or you can pick it up at a participating shelter.

To find out about getting your dog tested, or if you run a shelter and would like to get involved, contact MuttMix on 082 815 6674,, or simply SMS the word DNA and your name to 082 815 6674 and we will call you back (standard SMS rates apply). Please visit for more information and stories.




On a cold, rainy day in October 2017, while my husband, Simon, was doing a routine drop-off of rubbish at the Wellington municipal dump site, he spotted a timid little white-and-black dog scrounging around amongst the refuse. Known as Max by the local vagrants, this shy but friendly dog was grubby, underweight and had a bad skin condition. more

Our story starts in August 2013 when my husband, Chris, and I began discussing the idea of adopting a dog. I wasn’t so sure as I’ve always been a cat person (famous last words), but hubby was desperate to have a dog in our lives. more

An early-morning phone call to a member of Adorabull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation alerted us that a Bull Terrier dog had been tied to a gate and abandoned. The family who discovered the dog contacted us immediately for assistance. We decided to call him Smudge. more

Bentley had spent many months at the animal shelter before we adopted him, and, at first, he was terribly nervous and shy. We adopted him from Paws R Us (SA) when he was two years old. more

I didn’t plan on getting another dog when Molly made her way into my heart. She was adopted just over a year ago from Border Collie Rescue (BCR) Johannesburg as an Honorary Border Collie. more

Manny was abandoned when his owners decided to move away and leave him behind. For three long years, this gentle dog waited patiently and faithfully outside the gate of his house in Mamre, Western Cape, for his owners to return. Neighbours threw food over the wall when they remembered to feed him. more

It’s the most used word in my vocabulary on a daily basis (my neighbours will attest to this!). This special pup is the first thing I see (and hear) when I get home from work – waiting by the door with all the love and affection he’s saved up all day for me. more

It was in 2013 that our paths first crossed… I was working full-time at a textile company and had some free time to browse Facebook. Back then I wasn’t as active as I am now in networking animals and being involved in animal rescue, so it was a complete stroke of luck that a photo of a beautiful young golden-cream dog looking for a home appeared on my newsfeed. more

Kingston and Keith just love each other and play together so nicely. Both adopted from the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and are the best of friends – they lick each other and are just super cute together. more

Well, well, well! My short, staunch, long-bodied, black-and-white, velvety fur baby doesn’t have Basset in her? Paisley’s DNA test was my Christmas gift this past year and I was really looking forward to the results – I wanted to prove everyone wrong... more

After a good few years mourning the loss of our 13-year-old cat, we were finally warming up to the thought of growing our family again. We’d just bought our first home, ensured that there was a decent grassy patch for the future fur baby, and had started the laborious task of filtering through picture after picture, website after website, of hopefuls looking for their forever homes. more

I’d never had a dog before – and no plans to get one, either – when I met scruffy little Oliver in November 2016 after having coffee at the SPCA café. The young wire-haired dog was utterly terrified and hid in the back of his kennel. I sat in the gutter in front of his kennel for about ten minutes, patiently waiting for him. He eventually dashed to the bars of the kennel and stuck his paw out for me to hold. more

Daiquiri, aka Kiri, was adopted from Brakpan SPCA as an eight-month-old pup. She’s turning eight years old this year and is Queen of our pack of four. Her adoption into our family was a joint effort between Border Collie Rescue and Husky Rescue. She’s such a special girl with a stunning, friendly, and protective nature. more

Dexter was rescued as a little pup from a neglectful home. He was paralysed in his hind legs but this friendly pup would not give up. more

I adopted my best friend, Tank, from the Boksburg SPCA. He was one of several puppies that had been confiscated from a security company where they were, unfortunately, not very well looked after. I’d wanted a dog to call my own for a very long time. When my mom first showed me a picture of Tank, I knew he would be perfect. more

Late one afternoon I decided to pop in at the Spar in Westpark. As I turned into the car park, there stood a skinny little tricolour pup – nervously scavenging for a few morsels to eat. I called to her but she just stared at me suspiciously; when I tried to reach out to her she bolted. more

When Layla came into my life in 2011 from TEARS at just seven months old, I never foresaw that she would end up teaching me some of the greatest and most valuable lessons about dog training. more

We had the MuttMix DNA test performed on our beloved Matthew – and the results have me absolutely floored! I never expected any of the breeds that Matthew is made up of. more

I was desperate for a Scottie-type dog and was lucky enough to find MacNish through Scottish Terrier Rescue’s Facebook page. He’d been at the Nigel SPCA for about 4 months already after having been found in an abandoned house. They estimated him to be around a year old, although our vet put him closer to two years old. more

In November 2011, Paris found us. Someone was trying to sell her to me in Woodstock. I said “no” very quickly (to avoid the temptation of saying “yes”!) and drove away as fast as I could. Having had so many dogs for many years, we really didn’t want more, but my guilt and pity for the tiny scrap of fur made me turn back. more

I was volunteering at Maltese, French Poodle and Yorkie Rescue South Africa in Midrand at the end of 2016 when I spotted Gigi, a little white Poodle with big dark-chocolate eyes and an adorable button nose. We formed an instant bond. more

Spook is our soul boy who ghosted into our yard one morning after a terrible storm. He was skinny and had a metal chain around his neck that he kept choking himself with. He had no microchip and no one was looking for him. This snow-white dog quickly stole our hearts. more

In 2013, my mother and I noticed this great big brown dog wandering the streets near our home. Initially, we thought he belonged to someone and that he just kept getting out, but he wasn’t in good condition and, when we tried to approach him, he would run away. more

It is said that our beloved pets choose us, and I believe it’s true. How else could this special boy be left sitting at a rescue shelter for six months without any takers? When Duey joined our family he was already ‘big for his age’. We, my dad and I, thought Duey was going to be roughly the size of a Cocker Spaniel – taking after his own dad. But his mom, a Rottweiler, left him her legacy and, needless to say, he turned out rather bigger than expected. more

Friends often guessed that Milli has Rottweiler in her from the shape of her head and her protective personality. I suspected some Border Collie DNA too – she tends to ‘herd’ our other dog during playtime, and because of her black-and-white coat. When Milli was only three weeks old, she was delivered to us in a plastic bag hooked over the handle of a motorcycle more

Varga’s new owner, Charlie Newcombe, tells us more about her history... Varga’s story started on a farm north of Cape Town. After two months, her owner realised a choice had to be made for the safety of the other farm animals; the sheep and chickens were nothing more than prey. The only paperwork on her was an outdated vet book, listing her as a Timber Wolf more

Hayley’s owner, Diane Logie, shares her story… For a long time, I had wanted a friend for my best friend dog, KD, but was never sure if he would accept another dog into his home as he was very protective of me. But, after a family tragedy, I could see the little guy needed a friend – KD and my dad, who had passed away suddenly, had been very close. We ended up at ARK… more

Joleyne Love, Teddy’s owner, shares his story… I adopted my boy Teddy from Kitty and Puppy Haven, Midrand, in November 2011. On his adoption papers, he was listed as being a Bull Terrier-Ridgeback mix. He was a special dog – at the tender age of just three months old, Teddy was a very shy and quiet boy; not the normal crazy puppy that you would expect more