Big-hearted Bentley

6th Sep, 2018

Written by Nicky Love

Professional photography by Strike a Pose Photography

Bentley had spent many months at the animal shelter before we adopted him, and, at first, he was terribly nervous and shy. We adopted him from Paws R Us (SA) when he was two years old.

Getting to know Bentley

We had a long road ahead of us in having to earn his trust. On his first night at home, we had to coax him inside as he really did have trust issues. We had to teach him how to play – the first time he chased a ball was a major breakthrough for us.

Despite his sad beginnings, Bentley has the softest and biggest heart. He loves other dogs and is always the first doggie to introduce himself to the new dogs. It took a lot of convincing him that our cats were not big tigers, and, initially, he would just freeze when they came near him. But now he’s quite happy when they cuddle up next to him. 

A few of my favourite things

Bentley is the king of tummy tickles; he’ll lie on his back for ages while having his tum tickled. And his favourite spot is next to his dad in the evenings where he gets loads of love and hugs.

Bentley is also an avid car lover and it’s essential that the sun roof is open to allow for the wind to blow though his fur... and you can imagine it can be quite spectacular with his “George Clooney” coat. I’m sure he turns many doggie heads. 

When we decided we wanted to adopt a fur kid, we never imagined we’d find such a special gentle soul. He truly is a dog who makes everyone he meets fall in love with him. He’s a super-happy doggy who adores his family, which consists of his dog and cat siblings, and is the perfect fur kid for our little family. And how can you not just love that little face – we certainly do!

He changed our world, and I’d like to believe we changed his. 

Bentley’s MuttMix Results:

Level 2     Cocker Spaniel
Level 3     Pomeranian
Level 3     Labrador Retriever

Having the MuttMix DNA test done really helped us understand all his personality traits – with the added benefit of understanding where his charming good looks come from. 

The shyness made perfect sense when we saw that he has Cocker Spaniel in him. But once you’re in his trust circle, you’re the apple of his eye. He loves with all his heart and is super loyal; a trait of both the Pomeranian and Labrador in him. 

The Pomeranian and Labrador also shine through in his fierce bark, alerting us to anything out of the ordinary, although this little “pup” is all bark and no bite.

Dominique of MuttMix adds…

Bentley is the poster child for mixed breed dogs in that he doesn’t really look like any of the breeds we found, but the combination makes sense – and has produced a stunning character!