Darling Dexter

2nd Nov, 2017

Written by Lauren Námer  

Dexter was rescued as a little pup from a neglectful home. He was paralysed in his hind legs but this friendly pup would not give up.

This sweet pup had been at the vet for two weeks. X-rays didn’t show any problems so we can only assume that there was spinal bruising that was causing the paralysis. Nobody knew what had happened to him; perhaps he was dropped or trodden on – but he hadn’t been born this way. Despite receiving all sorts of treatments, there’d been no improvement and hope was beginning to fade. And, so, Dexter was brought to me for rehabilitation (and, of course, rehoming).

Nervous but happy

When he arrived at my house, he was a little nervous but did well meeting my pack. This little tan pup was exceptionally cute and such a happy boy, regardless of the fact that he’d been through so much.

Dexter settled in very quickly and was desperate to play – I could just see it – so, I had a conversation with him. I promised I would do whatever I could to help him but that he had to keep trying to walk. And I’m pretty sure he agreed…

Taking his first steps

He started with some exercises and, two days after arriving, was trying to lift himself up. He was so determined and was taking his first wobbly steps just a few days later. We were amazed and absolutely ecstatic.

I’m not sure if it was the exercises which helped so much, or being with a pack of dogs and wanting to join in, or if it was because he was in a loving home – probably a combination of all of those – but he improved tremendously quickly and went from strength to strength over the next few weeks.

Nazlee Tarin, Dexter’s rescuer, had arranged for me to see a hydrotherapist who was helping her with a special-needs kitten; that’s when we were introduced to Lara Krassnokutski, who runs Kinetic Rehab Animal Spa. Lara was exceptionally kind to Dexter and the physiotherapy and hydrotherapy helped him so much. Each time we went back to Lara we talked about his tremendous improvement and I bragged about everything he was accomplishing like a proud mom. 

Dexter never gave up; he kept trying, which just shows his incredible will and spirit – a true inspiration. 

Unfortunately, I injured my back and had to take a break, but my good friends Steph and Brad Acar took over for me in fostering and rehabilitating Dex. He took to his new home beautifully, being the adaptable, friendly guy he is. Not only was he walking and running, but he started to play, jump and everything else pups get up to.

Dexter has gone on to make a full recovery. And we could not be happier. He’s a happy, playful puppy with a strong spirit who is ready to take on the world – and ready for that perfect forever home now. 

Finding Dexter the very best home

I became curious to know what breeds could possibly be in this gorgeous pup. It obviously didn’t matter what the breeds were but I wondered if knowing would help me be in a better position to find the most suitable forever home for him, and be better equipped to give advice on his needs and requirements and potential size when fully grown.

MuttMix saw my post and, thanks to Happy Tails, they very kindly sponsored the MuttMix DNA test for Dexter. The results were very interesting and helpful. Although I could see some Boxer in Dexter’s gorgeous face, the Belgian Malinois and Airedale Terrier were a total surprise.  

We would love a home for him with another very playful dog; he must sleep inside and be part of the family. There is no adoption fee but adoption rules and home inspection will apply. If you think you have the perfect home for Dexter, please email me at lauren.namer@gmail.com.

Dexter’s MuttMix Results:

Level 2                    Belgian Malinois

Level 3                    Boxer

Level 4                    Airedale Terrier

Dominique from MuttMix says…

With that combination of breeds, Dexter is sure to grow into a medium to large dog who will thrive on training and quality time. All three of these breeds are known for their intelligence and energy, and he’ll need a family willing to spend time making sure that inquisitive mind is kept busy! Enrichment games and toys are sure to be a feature in Dexter’s future.