Hayley and her hugs

Hayley’s owner, Diane Logie, shares her story…


For a long time, I had wanted a friend for my best friend dog, KD, but was never sure if he would accept another dog into his home as he was very protective of me. But, after a family tragedy, I could see the little guy needed a friend – KD and my dad, who had passed away suddenly, had been very close. We ended up at ARK Animal Centre where we met Hayley, a ‘teenaged’ puppy.

She was not the pup I thought I was looking for – but when she put her paws around my neck and hugged me and KD did not mind, I knew she was the one! She clung to me and buried her head in my neck. She was mine from that moment. My family was surprised at me getting another dog but soon they all became glued to her hugs. She knows when each of us need her hugs and gives them freely.

Hayley was born at ARK Animal Centre and was an adoption failure – her first family had found her too hyper and returned her – a blessing for me because she has turned out to be an amazing young dog with more love than anyone could imagine. She really has healed our family.

Her personality is quite interesting in that she is exceptionally loving, but wary of people at times, stubborn, strong-willed, intelligent, protective – and extremely playful. She has separation anxiety too. Because of her energy levels, she has plenty of activities such as obedience, tracking and long walks. I’m even studying animal behaviour now. Recently, huggable Hayley was accepted as a trainee therapy dog. She’s even helped KD come out of his shell a bit and, despite the age gap, he loves playing with her. Both dogs have changed my life in more ways than one could think of and I am looking forward to many more adventures.

I decided to do the MuttMix test on my dogs because I was struggling to understand Hayley and was tired of people asking me what breed she is. She’d been listed as a Dachshund-mix (possibly with Basenji)… 

Hayley’s MuttMix results:

Level 3: American Eskimo Dog

Level 4: Border Terrier

Level 4: Pomeranian

Level 4: Golden Retriever

Level 4: Dachshund

Level 5: Boxer

Level 5: Australian Shepherd

Level 5: Akita

We were astounded by Hayley’s mix of eight different breeds! This information has helped me to understand her more, and adapt how I train her and the activities we do so that we can both have more fun. Thank you for helping me to understand my dogs! The only thing now is, what do I say when I get asked what breed she is?

Dominique from MuttMix says that when so many breeds are found in one dog you can never be certain what it will look like. “We do find that, in mixed breeds, certain breeds affect certain features and personality traits more strongly. For example, Dachshunds usually produce elongated bodies, Pomeranians usually produce the spiral tail, and American Eskimo Dogs give excellent hugs as they are known for having very affectionate, loving temperaments. Tell-tale signs, yes, but only DNA testing will confirm what breeds have contributed to the dog. It’s rare that we see so many in one dog, but, when we do, we know for sure they are beautiful inside and out!”


Photography by Strike a Pose Photography