Layla, my one-in-a-million dog

3rd Aug, 2017

Written by Heather Edwards

When Layla came into my life in 2011 from TEARS at just seven months old, I never foresaw that she would end up teaching me some of the greatest and most valuable lessons about dog training.

A rocky start

Layla had a very rocky start to her early socialisation period and, as a result, she was very mistrustful of people. Through loads of positive reinforcement training, oceans of patience and the guidance of two brilliant qualified dog behaviourists, Kieron Piper and Karen Sinovich, from COAPE Behaviourists and Trainers, she has overcome many of her problems. 

It was a long road and really showed how dedicated one has to be to positively change a dog’s life for the better. Seeing her change into the more lovable and confident dog she is today (she will never be 100% “relaxed”) has exceeded my greatest expectations. As the saying goes: Anything worth having is worth working for.

Layla is incredibly intelligent and loves learning tricks; the German Shepherd and Doberman really show up in how quickly she learns. She’s also incredibly loveable with people she trusts, and really playful – that’s probably the Weimeraner and Boxer coming out in her.

Layla loves...

Layla says that some of her favourite acitivities include:

-           Going to quiet wide-open beaches (crowded beaches scare me a bit; I like my space) and running around and just being a general beach bum

-           Playing Frisbee or ball in the garden

-           Chewing chews toys, especially if they have treats inside

-           Going to dog school at Doghubsa  

-           Learning tricks – and getting treats

-           Lazing around in the sun and just being a dog

They say you have a “Once-in-a-lifetime dog” – a dog who will leave an everlasting impression on you. A dog that simply helps you grow as a person and teaches you incredible life lessons.

Layla is that dog for me. One in a million; one who will always have a piece of my heart.

Layla’s MuttMix results:

Level 2 German Shepherd Dog

Level 4 Boxer

Level 5 Weimaraner

Level 5 Doberman Pinscher

Dominique from MuttMix says…

When you see a brindle coat on a mixed breed, it is always interesting to see which breed is responsible! In Layla’s case it is the Boxer. “How can such a low level of a breed have such a major impact on the dog’s look?” is a question I am often asked. The reason is very interesting. The coat is actually only determined by 3% of the DNA, and that 3% can be dominated by any breed in the mix!