Mad about Matthew

4th Jul, 2017

Written by Lara and Aubrey Livesey

We had the MuttMix DNA test performed on our beloved Matthew – and the results have me absolutely floored! I never expected any of the breeds that Matthew is made up of. 

We’d been looking after my brother-in-law’s Boxer, Honey, for about two weeks. When Honey left, I felt a bit… empty and incomplete. We had our two female angels with us, six-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, Nyx, and five-year-old Pit Bull Terrier, Chloe, but I missed having three dogs. 

I honestly felt a bit depressed after Honey left so I started looking at dogs to adopt. Our family felt incomplete to me. I went onto the TEARS website and emailed my husband asking if we could go and have a look at dogs to adopt. I told him he could choose because I would pick any one of them and adore them all! 

Recovering from parvo

We were looking for a male dog and I could see my husband loved them all, but I really wanted to walk away knowing that we were definitely going to get a dog. 

My husband stopped at the isolation cage where two puppy faces peeked out from between the stainless-steel bars. He was immediately in love and asked whether the puppies were up for adoption and why they were there in the cage. 

It was explained that this was the Canine Parvo Virus isolation cage. We couldn’t touch the little gorgeous faces because of parvo being so contagious. They were recovering – and they were up for adoption. The pups were Matthew and Flea – both boys; Matthew was then three months old and Flea was two months old. It was the older of the two, Matthew, who’d caught our eye.

We then learnt that there was another interested family who’d filled in forms for Matthew. A bit disappointed that we had competition, we filled out our adoption forms anyway and took photographs… and then we waited.

Very important phone calls

The following day – Sunday – I received a call. It was the home-checker! We set up an appointment for the home check to be done the following day. Once that was done, we waited… very impatiently (me in particular).

On Friday of that same week, I received a phone call from the marvellous Luke Kruyt of TEARS who told me, “Matthew is yours, if you would still like to adopt him.” 

I literally shrieked with delight and exclaimed, “Are you kidding me, Luke? We would LOVE to adopt him!” 

We went to TEARS the very next day, taking Nyx and Chloe along to the beach for the introduction. It was love and fun at first sight! They all got along brilliantly and continue to adore each other every day. On the 4th of February, 2017, Matthew was successfully adopted from TEARS. 

Surprise results

As Matthew grew, I was convinced I saw a great deal of English Pointer in him but, after we saw the results of the MuttMix DNA test, boy, was I wrong! My husband stated outright Bull Mastiff; the TEARS team also initially thought Matthew was a cross between a Pit Bull and a Boxer, or a Pit Bull and a Staffie. 

Well, the results really surprised us all! 

Matthew is an absolute pleasure and treasure in our home and he adores his sisters – and his dad now has a “little boy” who stands by his side whenever he has “guy” things to do around the house.

Our now seven-month-old boy is just loving life because of all the love and medical expertise he received from the team at TEARS! I’m so grateful to TEARS and the team for putting in so much effort and dedication to give Matthew a second chance. 

Matthew’s MuttMix results:

Level 2  Rat Terrier

Level 3  Bull Mastiff

Level 5  Rottweiler

Level 5  Mastiff

Level 5  Boston Terrier 

Dominique from MuttMix says…

Matthew’s results are quite typical of what is usually labelled “Pit Bull” but also demonstrates that not all “Pit Bulls” are comprised of the same DNA profile. Unique DNA makes unique dogs, and that is why we love mixed breeds!