Marvellous Milli

7th Dec, 2016

Milli’s owner, Karin Kroch, tells us more about this special girl.

Friends often guessed that Milli has Rottweiler in her from the shape of her head and her protective personality. I suspected some Border Collie DNA too – she tends to ‘herd’ our other dog during playtime, and because of her black-and-white coat.

When Milli was only three weeks old, she was delivered to us in a plastic bag hooked over the handle of a motorcycle, having come all the way on the highway from Soweto. Understandably, this caused her much angst and she was very meek and unsure initially. However, with much love and encouragement, she transformed into a brave guardian of the house. 

Milli’s MuttMix results:

Level 3 German Shepherd Dog

Level 4 American Eskimo Dog

Level 4 Rottweiler

Level 5 Border Collie

Consequently, she’s very suspicious of newcomers and initially scrutinises them from afar. But, once someone passes her strict examination, she is very loving and lets her endearing personality shine.

Milli is active and loves exercise; she does dog jumping and obedience training, loves her ball, can play retrieve games all day long – and has a beautiful running style to boot.  

We are so glad that we know a bit more about our lovely girl. One thing we never had to wonder about was the fact that she has a heart of gold.