Our Muttley Crew – Olly, Nika and Kiri

7th Dec, 2017

Left to right: Olly, Nika and Kiri

Written by Melanie Fox

Professional photography by Michelle Fox and Kritzography https://www.facebook.com/Kritzography/ 

Daiquiri, aka Kiri, was adopted from Brakpan SPCA as an eight-month-old pup. She’s turning eight years old this year and is Queen of our pack of four. Her adoption into our family was a joint effort between Border Collie Rescue and Husky Rescue. She’s such a special girl with a stunning, friendly, and protective nature.

We always knew Daiquiri had a little of something extra mixed in with Rough Collie and were so happy to find out her results.

Daiquiri’s MuttMix Results

Level 2      Collie

Level 3      Rat Terrier

Level 4      Siberian Husky

Olly was a stray pup that my daughter found lying in the middle of the road on her way to work. The vet estimated him to be between 12 and 14 weeks old – and he wasn’t in the best of condition. He had a major parasitic infection (lots of deworming needed), was underweight and wore a collar that was too tight and which had cut into his neck.

Although we shared Olly on Facebook and put posters around town, including our local SPCA, we didn’t receive one phone call or query and so we decided he would become a permanent family member as he’d very quickly charmed his way into our hearts.

We’re so happy to finally have an idea of what breeds are in him but we’re still not sure what breed to say he is. Perhaps “Special” suits him best?

Olly’s MuttMix Results

Level 3      Rat Terrier (we’d kept Kiri and Olly apart for eight hours before doing the tests so no cross-contamination was possible)

Level 4      German Shepherd

Level 4      West Highland White Terrier

Level 4      Chow Chow

Level 5      Bull Mastiff

Level 5      Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Level 5      Lhasa Apso

Level 5      Great Dane 

We’d suspected there was possibly Chow Chow due to the blue spots on his tongue and thought there may be a bit of GSD in the mix – perhaps some Doberman? My hubby also thought Great Dane due to his very long legs; we also wondered if there could be some Ridgeback. Well, we were wrong with the Dobie and Ridgeback, but we’d never imagined some of the other breeds that are in him.

When we last weighed Olly at eight months he weighed in at 21.5kg – and he’s still growing at a rapid rate. He’s now a healthy, solid and stunning ten-month-old boy; he’s determined, curious, eager to learn and affectionate with boundless energy.


Nika was adopted from Germiston SPCA as a pup and is now six years old. We were told her parents were a Jack Russell and Border Collie, but we wanted to check this out. While they were definitely in there, we still had a few surprises in her results…

Nika’s MuttMix Results

Level 2      Jack Russell

Level 3      Border Collie

Level 4      Dalmatian

Level 5      Saint Bernard

Again, what a wonderful little girl: fearless, strong-willed, protective and loving.

Rescues Dogs are the best!

Dominique from MuttMix says…

Sometimes you can clearly see the breeds that are in a mixed-breed dog... and sometimes you can’t – this trio is the perfect example! Kiri and Nika display their primary breeds; Olly not so much. When you mix eight “ingredients” together you can’t usually see any of the primary components. We don’t often see eight breeds coming out, but when we do, the result is so remarkable and unique.