Paisley and I, two peas in a pod

1st Mar, 2018

Written by Jessica Broster

Professional photography by And so it is Photography  

Well, well, well! My short, staunch, long-bodied, black-and-white, velvety fur baby doesn’t have Basset in her?

Paisley’s DNA test was my Christmas gift this past year and I was really looking forward to the results – I wanted to prove everyone wrong: I never believed she had Basset or Beagle in her. Funnily enough, my guesses weren’t much better either.

My mother, father, close friend and I decided to put money on it. The one with the closest results would win the pot. To be honest, none of us really deserve it!

Among the species we guessed were Beagle, Basset Hound, Pointer, Staffie, Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, English Terrier, Dalmatian… and the only correct answer – that three of us guessed – Dachshund. On her card it says: English Pointer-Hungarian Vizsla (what a giggle).

And there she was

Paisley was an SPCA adoption. I’d actually adopted another puppy who, tragically, had health issues and didn’t make it two days after adoption. I went to collect her blanket, collar and drop off her remaining food at the George SPCA where my father and I were led past the quarantine area to the washing line, where the blankets were hanging.

I had teary eyes and blinders on; I wasn’t ready for another puppy and didn’t want to see any. From behind me in a high-pitched (yet oh-so-manly) voice, I heard my father say: “Hello, and what are you?”

I turned to see six black-and-white puppies scrambling to get a lick of Pops’ hands… Well, that was it: a fur baby was booked, and two weeks later I was in a pen with all six of them where Paisley chose me. None of the others were allowed to get close, and when I did pay too much attention to any of the others, I’d feel a tug on my jeans, look down, and there she was.

A blessing

She’s an absolute blessing. Her love, licks and funny habits have got me through many a hard time. She might be super-hyperactive, destructive and somewhat jealous, but she’s loving, strong, fast and cute – and she’s highly intelligent, although she plays “doff” a lot. And she gives the BEST cuddles!

You just need to love her as much as I do to put up with her snoring. Paisley is constantly stalking geckos, frogs and flies (they don’t stand a chance). She runs back and forth over the back yard with her nose in the air and eyes on birds flying overhead. Given a split-second chance, she’d have them for dinner. Luckily, though, she’s too short and can’t fly, so birds are safe.

Paisley is an escape artist of note; gets herself into places and out of the yard in ways that no one can explain. Guess that makes her my little Houndini.

Most importantly, she is mine and I love her!

Paisley’s MuttMix Results:

Level 2                    Neapolitan Mastiff

Level 3                    Dachshund

Level 4                    Black and Tan Coonhound

Dominique of MuttMix says…

In addition to the breeds reported, we also found trace amounts of German Shorthaired Pointer in Paisley. The level is considered to be background noise, which is why it’s not reported on. However, in Paisley’s case, it has impacted on her coat colour, and is the reason for the patchy black-and-white fur!