Precious Paris

Written by Enid Ferreira

In November 2011, Paris found us. Someone was trying to sell her to me in Woodstock. I said “no” very quickly (to avoid the temptation of saying “yes”!) and drove away as fast as I could. Having had so many dogs for many years, we really didn’t want more, but my guilt and pity for the tiny scrap of fur made me turn back. She weighed just 1kg, a real scruffy mongrel, full of fleas yet so adorable and cheeky.

Little lion heart

Although Paris is the smallest of all the dogs in our house, she is definitely the alpha female – and a real character. Having said that, she has a heart of gold, caring about all her doggy siblings; she doesn’t like ugly behaviour at all. The others clearly respect her immensely because, when she wants to sleep at night and they’re a little too playful for her, she lets them know with a growl and they keep their distance.

Every morning, the dogs get dog cookies and Paris has a favourite type; she won’t always eat hers but she keeps a close eye on it so that nobody dares take it. When she does keep hers, she often parades around showing it off, play-growling and wagging her tail, teasing all of them. She loves them so much that she sometimes wakes us in the middle of the night for a cookie – then, while we struggle to go back to sleep, she lies fast asleep with her cookie next to her.

She also has the heart of a lion and maybe thinks she’s the same size as her doggy brother and best friend who is much bigger than she is. Although we have many dogs, she is the only one that runs in the morning with him to Table Mountain where the others await them for their morning walk, and she’s the only one that can jump up onto him and bite his ears and tail without him getting irritated.

Paris adores going for her car and scooter drives and gets so excited with all the birds, dogs and cats she sees, looking in every direction to see what they’re up to.

I love this little dog and I’m so glad that I turned around that day in 2011.

I wanted to get Paris tested because it’s always easier to understand your dog if you know what type of breed she is. She has this funny thing in that she doesn’t like the sunlight at all, which is why we walk her early in the morning with Blue, who is a Husky and can’t walk when it’s too hot. She never sits in the sun and, even in the car, I need to make space for her in the shade. I thought initially that there was something wrong with her eyes and that was why she avoided the sunlight – another reason why I wanted to do the DNA test.

The Chinese Crested is a hairless breed with sun-sensitive skin, which explains her aversion to the sun and confirmed for us that there is nothing wrong with her eyes.

Paris’s MuttMix results:

Level 3 Pekingese

Level 3 Lhasa Apso

Level 4 Chinese Crested

Level 4 Schnauzer

Level 4 Chihuahua

Dominique from MuttMix says…

Understanding the temperament and the potential health issues in your mixed breed dog is one of the more important reasons to perform a MuttMix DNA test, as mixed breeds are often a “lucky packet” of breeds, and you usually cannot tell what they are just by looking at them. For example, Boxers are highly allergic to a drug commonly used to calm nervous dogs during fireworks – if your mixed breed has some Boxer hiding in there they are susceptible to the allergy as well and your vet should be alerted to this. MuttMix is not only a fun test, it is also important to ensure a long and healthy life for your best friend.