Animal Welfare Organisations

Be inspired by people and the organisations which make a difference every day. This is where you’ll learn about the humble beginnings of rescue organisations that never gave up, and discover who needs your help and how you can enrich the life of a homeless animal.


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In July 2016, three strong women with a passion for animal welfare and Pit Bull Terriers joined forces to create a dedicated Pit Bull welfare. Robyn Bronkhorst, Nadia Vandecasteele and I opened Pit Pals without even having one dog in our care. Within days, Pit Bulls came flooding in. more

It all started with a pig… I have a small farm in Greyton where, in 2003, my friend Rohan and I started building straw bale houses and living off the grid. All around us in the neighbouring farmers’ fields were sheep and wheat. The sheep seemed to be getting a raw deal – summer lambs fried in the heat, short of water and shelter whilst winter lambs froze in sub-zero temperatures. We swooped up as many as we could, warmed them up, revived them and returned them to the farmers. more

Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society’s humble beginnings were the initiative of Jenny Copley, who, together with Ann Gmur, set up a rudimentary shelter on her smallholding in Commando Nek, Hartbeespoort. Both avid animal lovers, they began taking care of abandoned, abused and stray animals in the Hartbeespoort area. more

Beautiful, furry… and almost invisible: feral cats. And they are everywhere. These small, secretive animals are in a grey are between wild and domestic animal. They behave like wild animals in that they avoid humans, hunt their own food, and are totally independent, but are a domesticated species (animals which have been bred and raised around humans for generations). more

Before 2001 the over-population of malnourished, mange-ridden and neglected dogs within the underprivileged community of Kleinmond attracted the attention of 70-year-old Yvonne Pretorius. Yvonne started visiting these areas daily, advising dog owners on proper feeding and care for their animals, and on the benefits of having them sterilised. more

It all began in 2008, when I went for a run in the sleepy holiday town of Elands Bay, which is 220km from Cape Town. I stumbled across the local township where some dogs looked rather worse for wear. After rushing home to demand of my husband that we do something, I started making calls. more

The 9th Day

18th Jan, 2017
The 9th Day Rescue, Rehabilitation & Rehoming Centre in Krugersdorp was founded by Charmaine Booysens in January 2015. It was a dream come true for her. Her big heart for the plight of animals has plagued her since a young age. more

What started out in 2003 as helping abandoned, neglected, and abused animals by promoting sterilisations developed into a full scale operation sterilisation drives, feeding programmes, and a shelter: Wollies Animal Project / Wollies Diere Projek (WAP/WDP) – Wollies for short. more

Emma Geary-Cooke had long dreamed of starting an organisation to alleviate the suffering of animals in Masiphumelele, a large informal settlement on Cape Town’s southern peninsula. Sadly, Emma was killed in a car accident two weeks before her dream was realised, depriving us of a loyal and dedicated friend who was passionate about animals. Devastated, but undaunted, two of her friends involved in animal welfare collaborated to make Emma’s dream come true more

Santa Cause for Paws

27th Oct, 2016
In October 2013, an amazing initiative to bring festive joy to shelter animals was born: Santa Cause for Paws. The start of something magical... Animal lover Mandy Schwark had come up with a concept of collecting gifts for shelter animals and, as it was something I’d discussed doing with friends, I was tagged on her page. I offered to help with a website… before you knew it, Mandy and I were fully involved in the cause and running the drive together more

Page 6 of 8, 80 articles found. Displaying: 51-60