Adorabull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation

Left to right: Jack (4 years old and looking for a home), Claire Home (Secretary),<br>Spirit (recently homed), Dania Skone (Founding Member), Buster (2 years old and<br>looking for a home), and Becky (1.5 years old and looking for a home)

Written by Louise Brolly, Chairperson of Adorabull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation

Adorabull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation is a small, but powerful, rescue organisation, much like the lady who founded and heads it, Dania Skone. Dania is a qualified animal behaviourist and the unofficial “bull terrier whisperer”. She has changed the destiny of one of the most misunderstood breeds in our country forever.

Bully for you

The rescue was created when the plight of the English Bull Terrier breed became apparent to Dania while working at an animal shelter. These dogs were rarely homed, due mainly to misunderstandings of the breed.

Dania started putting together a plan of opening the only registered non-profit breed-specific Bull Terrier rescue organisation to assist dogs in need of rehabilitation after cruel or neglectful circumstances, while assisting with the rehoming of private owners’ dogs in a responsible manner. The aim was to ensure that Bull Terriers would not be dumped into the world of fighting syndicates and theft rings.

During the four years of the existence of Adorabull, almost 400 dogs have been rehomed to like-minded homes, which have taken in and offered some of our dogs the most amazing lives. These dogs would possibly have been abandoned, or rehomed irresponsibly.

Getting a clue

Adorabull’s latest project was launched on Saturday, 6th of May 2017, namely The CLUEDO Outreach Programme. The aim of this initiative is to build relationships with animal guardians living in rural areas within the Sebokeng region (Southern Gauteng) and offer much-needed assistance in terms of education, care and training. The rural communities are those most in need of health care and advice for their animals.

The focus is, first and foremost, to provide basic first aid and medical care to dogs in the informal settlement. This is done with the assistance of the state vet, whom our Fundraising Committee Leader, Rochelle Dumas, has approached for help. A big passion for the rescue is also the sterilisation of as many animals as possible. Adorabull is also looking at putting together a large-scale blanket and kennel drive so that more animals can be provided with shelter and comfort in the poverty-stricken areas of our country.

The first outreach programme date is set for 27th of June 2017 where, with the collaboration of Dr Sofe from Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, a mobile clinic will be made available to residents with animals in need at the Saul Tsotetso Stadium, Sebokeng, from 9am – 12pm.

How you can help

Adorabull is a non-profit organisation that depends heavily on the generosity and kindness of the public, especially that of the amazing Bull Terrier lovers in South Africa. Should anyone be able to provide assistance with a rescue vehicle (currently we all use our own private vehicles, which is sometimes not practical), donations towards the care of our kennel dogs, or the CLUEDO outreach programme, our banking details are: Adorabull Terrier Rescue, Nedbank Clearwater Mall, account number: 1110947 801, branch code: 182 505 (00), current account.

For more information, contact Dania Skone (founding member) on 072 183 7850, Claire (Office Administrator) on 076 141 4286, Louise Brolly (Chairperson) on 082 635 4803, or Rochelle Dumas (Fundraising) on 072 542 2943. Follow them on Facebook at @bulliesrescue.