Ban animal trading

Written by Smaragda Louw – Director, Ban Animal Trading

Ban Animal Trading (BAT) is a registered non-profit company (NPC) and non-profit organisation (NPO) dedicated to confronting and eradicating animal exploitation and abuse in all industries benefiting from the misery and suffering of sentient creatures. BAT is an animal rights organisation that exists to end animal exploitation through facilitating positive and meaningful change. The organisation is based in Gauteng, but is spreading its wings and will hopefully soon be able to assist on a national level. 

BAT focuses on investigating animal abuse and neglect in South Africa, particularly in the following areas:

  • Animals in entertainment, e.g. zoos, aquariums and circuses
  • The pet trade, which includes pet shops; breeders; puppy farming; the fish, bird, and exotic animal trade; and the keeping of indigenous animals as pets
  • Live animal exports by sea
  • Hunting
  • Factory farming, e.g. battery chickens
  • The online advertising of animals

Compassion in Action is the slogan we live by. Our campaigns serve to provide our passionate and heroic supporters with a platform upon which to become directly involved in taking action and, in so doing, bringing about change to prevailing norms and standards as well as to outdated and inappropriate legislation.

BAT views ongoing educational initiatives as one of the most crucial mechanisms by which to achieve real progress and maintain real change in helping South Africans understand and support animal rights. When people know better, they do better, and when they do better, they become the catalysts for real change in society.

Peaceful protests are another vehicle through which BAT shows the public that animals are not ours to use, wear, eat and abuse. It’s a grassroots initiative that gets individual members of the public involved in being the voice for the animals who are subjected to horrific situations so that humans can benefit financially. Protests bring animal rights issues to the attention of the general public and create awareness.

BAT not only protests, but also challenges legislation. BAT’s recent submission on the trade in lion bones to the Department of Environmental Affairs has warned this government department that should they go ahead with supporting this vile trade, legal action will be taken against them. BAT also hopes to provide updates soon regarding the keeping of large exotic predators as pets.

For more information, visit, follow them on Facebook at “Ban Animal Trading South Africa” and on Twitter at “@BAT_S_A”, and visit their YouTube channel: “Ban Animal Trading BAT”.