Bulldog Rescue Angels (BRA)

6th Aug, 2018

Jolanda Vorster (left), Lenell Hattingh (next to Jolanda), Chantel van der Merwe with Junior the Bulldog, and Maryka Lubbe (right)

Bulldogs George and Lola started it all; when Bulldog-lovers Jolanda Voster, Chantel van der Merwe and Lenell Hattingh worked together in May 2015 to rescue these two, they had a feeling that as time went by more and more Bulldogs would need new homes. Just over a year later, Bulldog Rescue Angels was founded.

And they rely entirely on donations from you to give these handsome and misunderstood dogs a new lease on life.

A modern rescue for Bulldogs

Having seen the need for a modern, forward-thinking, professional rescue organisation dedicated to helping Bulldogs, they decided to create their own organisation in June 2016, together with Alex Long; Maryka Lubbe joined the team shortly thereafter. Bulldog Rescue Angels (BRA) was born.

The goal is to place happy and healthy Bulldogs in great forever homes and, as such, BRA strives to educate prospective owners about these wonderful breeds which have specific needs that must be met.

Founding member Chantel Van Der Merwe says that they are proud to have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed many dogs in the two years since BRA was founded. She explains: “We want to give a voice to these beautiful animals. Our main aim is to educate people about them and better prepare everyone on the best practices to ensure these furry friends live long and healthy lives.”

Chantal says that the organisation is very grateful to sponsors, donors, and all BRA members who enable them to give these dogs a better life. Despite the hard work and long hours, this makes everything they do rewarding and worthwhile, she adds.

Homes for Bulldogs

Bulldog Rescue Angels strives to help each and every Bulldog that comes through their doors.

Bulldogs surrendered to BRA receive a full health check; they’re also vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, given tick and flea treatment and, if needed, sterilised. Unfortunately, Bulldogs are predisposed to certain conditions for which they may need medical treatment, such as cherry-eye surgery or soft-palate surgery.

Once the basics are done, dogs are put up for adoption. We rely on our fabulous foster homes to assist in the rehoming process while the Bulldog waits for the perfect home.

A strict adoption policy ensures that the right home is always found, regardless of how long this may take. Johannesburg and Pretoria are the main areas where our rescues are cared for.

We’re for Bulldogs

Bulldog Rescue Angels is a pro-life rescue organisation focusing on educating the public on Bulldog needs and rescuing and rehoming of French, English, and American Bulldogs.

Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed – this means they have a wide, flat skull and squashed/flat faces. Additionally, their skin folds are exaggerated and they tend to have very heavy bodies with unusually short, often bowed legs.

Unfortunately, this makes them prone to various health-related issues which need regular care and, sometimes, surgery; owners need to be dedicated and knowledgeable.

Says BRA’s Jolanda Vorster, “Being brachycephalic, Bulldogs have breathing issues which can lead to heatstroke, among other things. The ears and skin folds found on the nose and other regions require regular anti-bacterial cleaning to prevent yeast infections and other associated infections. These breeds can ring up quite substantial veterinary bills…”

By educating the public about these issues, the organisation hopes to discourage breeding and buying of Bulldogs by people who aren’t able to provide the care they need.  

BRA strongly condemns unethical breeding and is committed to seeking justice for bully breeds by bringing backyard and other unethical breeders to book, as well as rehabilitating abused and neglected dogs and, ultimately, seeking new homes for them.

The organisation urges the public to report abused bully breeds to them and to send anonymous tip-offs about puppy mills and illegal breeders.


  • Educate the public about the needs of English, French and American Bulldogs
  • Find the right home for the right Bulldog
  • Help all surrendered Bulldogs with primary healthcare and necessary medical treatment
  • Rehabilitate abused/neglected Bulldogs with behavioural issues through positive reinforcement training with registered behaviourists or intensive owner guidance
  • Help stamp out unethical breeding
  • Raise funds to cover the costs for sterilisation, kennelling fees, transport and vet fees for all the rescued dogs

You can help!

We are very grateful to all our incredible donors and supporters. We rely heavily on donations, proceeds from the sale of our products, and fundraising events.

If you’d like to assist with donations, volunteer work, or if you need more information, please contact BRA on bulldogrescueangels@gmail.com and visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/BulldogRescueAngels/

This selection of photos depict BRA supporters and their own dogs who joined the first ever BRA Muddy Puppy Bulldog Team, some happy ever afters of rescue Bulldogs and some of the BRA directors and their own dogs.