Friends of Rescued Animals (FORA), located in Krugersdorp (Mogale City), Gauteng, is a pro-quality of life animal shelter following the ‘Three Rs’ principle: Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome. FORA view themselves as ‘a stepping stone towards an animal’s next (hopefully forever) home and strive to give them the best quality life we can while in our care’.

This registered non-profit organisation relies entirely on donations to care for the 300 to 350 dogs and over 100 cats which call the shelter home at any given time. FORA’s belief is that, “Animals deserve more than just food, water, and a roof over their heads; they require vaccinations, routine parasite control and medical care. We also owe them human interaction and lots of tender loving care.” Staff and volunteers walk the dogs and spend time playing with and brushing cats.

Aside from caring for animals awaiting homes, the organisation aims to help educate the public. Because they receive overwhelming amounts of calls every month for animals needing homes, mostly due to irresponsible owners allowing their pets to breed, they stress the importance of animal sterilisation, which includes combating the ‘just one litter’ mentality. They raise awareness of the need to adopt from shelters and not support backyard breeders.

FORA wish list

On top of our wish list is good quality food. This includes kibble for adults as well as puppies and kittens, tins and sachets, and Royal Canin ‘Babycat’ and ‘Babydog’ milk for our littlest ones.

We also need toys and balls for cats and dogs, leads, food bowls, and lots of cat litter. Blankets and fleeces, and old towels are also must-haves, especially in winter. To keep the shelter clean and hygienic, we need bleach or pine gel, washing powder, black bags, and other cleaning supplies.

Donations of household goods and clothes are sent to FORA’s charity store or Saints Animal Charity Shop to raise funds for the care of the animals.

Visit FORA to volunteer or meet the animals up for adoption. For more information, please email, call 082 336 5568 or 072 413 5364 and join their Facebook group to follow them at ‘FORA (Friends of Rescued Animals)’.

Nedbank: 1073-509-893
Branch: 190541 (Florida)