Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society

Fieldworker Riekie Grove with her sidekick, Bullet

Our History

Before 2001 the over-population of malnourished, mange-ridden and neglected dogs within the underprivileged community of Kleinmond attracted the attention of 70-year-old Yvonne Pretorius.  

Yvonne started visiting these areas daily, advising dog owners on proper feeding and care for their animals, and on the benefits of having them sterilised. As the community is largely unemployed, the standard cost of sterilisation is far out of the reach of these animal owners. So, Yvonne approached the local municipality for help. 

They agreed that an animal welfare organisation was both necessary and urgent. In 2001, the Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society came into being and now serves the area between Rooi-Els and Kleinmond, including Betty’s Bay and Pringle Bay. 

The KAWS journey started with a committee consisting of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, treasurer and secretary, along with portfolio managers for fieldwork, the KAWS Community Veterinary Clinic and Noah’s Ark (Kennel) Projects, volunteers, education, publicity, fundraising, and membership. Our local vet is an active ex-officio committee member and assists with the Community Veterinary Clinic and our KAWS Cadet initiative.

To make a change, start with young minds 

Time permitting, KAWS visits the Grade 3s and 4s from the KidsCan! Aftercare Centre, a youth development project located in Kleinmond. The children can’t wait for their Pet Care lessons which form part of developing their Life Orientation Skills. They even have to write exams and pass at the end of the year to qualify as KAWS Cadets.

KAWS’ doggy mascot, Sarel, a big, friendly black-and-tan pooch, also puts in appearances – of course the children love this.

Our Mission

  • Be an independent, proactive welfare society that provides leadership in establishing acceptable standards of humane animal care and treatment.
  • Monitor and achieve compliance with the Animal Welfare Act and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve requirements, through inspections, clinics, education and co-operative efforts.
  • Control breeding and numbers of domestic animals through an intensive sterilisation programme. We have a non-euthanasia policy unless our vet advises us that treatment is not an option. Every animal is given the best chance before this decision is made but no animal is ever left to suffer because we are afraid to decide. We always stay with every animal during this so they feel love and comfort to the end and to remind ourselves that this is the final decision and it is not to be made lightly!  
  • Help change the lives of animals in disadvantaged communities efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Promote public participation through volunteer opportunities

Our Objectives

  • Prevent cruelty to animals and promote animal welfare through clinics, education and public awareness.
  • Provide shelter for animals through the Noah’s Ark project.
  • Act as a responsible body for consultation and co-ordination of domestic animal welfare matters.
  • Provide advice and information to the general public.
  • Assist in animal emergencies.
  • Assess the needs of domestic animals in the disadvantaged communities and provide a service.
  • Assist disadvantaged communities through (clinic), knowledge, and understanding of how to take care of their animals.
  • Work in compliance with the health department to reduce health risks, especially of children.
  • Promote participation and establish a group of trained and committed volunteers.
  • Prevent uncontrolled breeding and work in compliance with the environmental society to maintain a biosphere.
  • Implement all or any of the foregoing objectives by any lawful means within the framework of the Act. 

Our loyal staff

Kennel Hand - Devan Scholtz

Kennel Hand - Jerome Cronje

Cattery Hand - Patricia Mgqobozi

General Cleaner - Elsa Gabriels

For more information, please contact KAWS on 028 271 5004, email kaws@mweb.co.za, visit www.kleinmondanimalwelfaresociety.co.za and follow them on Facebook.

The late Yvonne Pretorius with three of her much-loved dogs