National Cat Action Taskforce

Introducing the National Cat Action Taskforce (NCat)

Written by Anneke Malan, Chairperson of NCat

Cats in the sanctuary garden

Amidst much excitement, the National Cat Action Taskforce – a feline welfare with a difference – was launched in Johannesburg in 2010. 

NCat is a little unusual. Rather than rescuing cats themselves, NCat helps existing cat-care organisations and individuals countrywide – from the biggest cities to the smallest towns – do more of what they are already doing. This is done by providing funding, distributed carefully and systematically, and by helping to provide access to important resources, such as information, veterinary services and cat traps. 
NCat’s main focus is to help and empower these caring, hard-working people to rescue more cats, feed more cats, sterilise more cats, and home more cats. 

How does it work?

We invite two kinds of members to join us in helping cats:

  1. Beneficiary Members: Individuals and organisations caring for cats countrywide. 
  2. Feline Friends: Very special people who wish to help us to help the Beneficiaries by means of funds and resources.

NCat also operates cat food schemes in Johannesburg and Pretoria to relieve one of the local carers’ greatest worries: obtaining good-quality cat food at affordable prices. NCat also aims to build up a ‘resource database’ as their organisation grows. 

Can other members of the public approach NCat?

Yes. Whenever a member of the public requests assistance, NCat reaches out to our network of animal lovers to get the job done, be it individuals in need or larger-scale projects. Sterilisation is, of course, crucial, and we’ve arranged or supported countless feral sterilisation projects in locations ranging from resorts in Mpumalanga to shopping centres in Gauteng and industrial areas in KZN.

Individual cases also form part of our work. For example, we ensured that a Brakpan mother and daughter who had opened their hearts to too many strays (over 50 at first count!) received house calls from a caring vet, had all their cats sterilised and some rehomed, and now receive enough cat food for the remaining cats. After the tragic violent death of an elderly lady in Johannesburg, we managed to place 14 of her cats on a peaceful smallholding. Thanks to the big-heartedness of the smallholding’s owner and the kind support of Feline Friends, these cats will be provided with food and care for the rest of their lives.

We are excited about the work we do, and invite you to join forces with us by becoming an NCat Feline Friend today. In doing so, you will become part of a growing, vibrant movement that is making a difference in the lives of cats across the land.

For more information about NCat, visit or join their Facebook group ‘NCAT – National Cat Action’, or email or Or you could simply make a much-needed donation: FNB, branch code 260950, account 62362218440.

Feral cats gathering for a meal


Sterilisation drive in progress


Kittens rescued by a beneficiary member

Sanctuary cats enjoying an afternoon treat