National Tekkie Tax Day – Friday 26 May 2017

Annelise de Jager - Founder of Tekkie Tax with Higgens

Tekkie Tax is a national fundraising campaign founded in 2013 by Annelise de Jager. The idea is that welfares can do more fundraising as a group – as De Jager says: “Together we can achieve more than our individual efforts combined.”

Stickers are sold and, if you’re wearing your sticker, you can wear your tekkies (sneakers) – whether you’re at work or school. Why? Because you’ve paid your Tekkie Tax! Special shoelaces, known as Tekkie Tags, can also be purchased. There are five sectors of welfare organisations to choose from, including animal welfares, and there are stickers representing each group – if you buy an animal sticker, the proceeds go to the animal welfares registered with Tekkie Tax.

Since the inception of National Tekkie Tax Day, more than R1.5 million has gone to various participating animal welfare organisations. During the 2016 campaign, a total of 26 animal welfare organisations participated and benefitted from the project.

This is what they had to say about using their much-needed Tekkie Tax donations…

Kuruman Animal Welfare

“It helped to get our vet bill paid. We also used it to build new cages and to repair the ones we had. We stocked up on blankets and food for the hard times. Next year we would like to improve our office to better our day-to-day running.”

Still Bay Animal Protection

“Tekkie Tax is an important fundraising project for our organisation! With the donations received we helped about 10 dogs and 15 cats get sterilised. We also bought new collars and leads...”

Be Wise Sterilise

“We used most of the money to settle our vet bills for the animals in our care. This year we intend to spend all the money we receive on our sterilisation projects.”

Lucky Lucy Foundation

“We intend to spend the income on upgrading our clinic facilities and perhaps investing in an additional vehicle.”

SPCA Bloemfontein

“With Tekkie Tax we are in the fortunate position to have not only assisted animals in need, but have been empowered to influence people about the importance of caring for all animals. We are proud to be associated with Tekkie Tax and grateful for the improvements we see in Mangaung and surrounding areas as a result of our affiliation.”

Oudtshoorn Diere Welsyn

“We used our Tekkie Tax money to pay our vets who helped us with the sterilisation of the animals and used the rest for petrol for our vehicle.”

How you can get involved

National Tekkie Tax Day is on Friday, 26 May 2017. Choose which sticker you want to wear and get a pair of funky one-of-a-kind shoelaces for R35 at any Clicks, ToysRUs, BabiesRUs or at a local participating welfare organisation.

Bead-up-your-tekkies for a good cause!

When: Friday, 26 May 2017

How: Donate R10 for a Tekkie Tax sticker of your choice or be courageous and buy a pair of our funky shoelaces to bead-up-your-step for only R35.

For more information (or to order online) visit

Helene Potgieter – Animal Business Ambassador for Tekkie Tax at Be Wise Sterilise and at Highveld Horse Care

Testimonial story


Written by Annelise de Jager – Patron of National Tekkie Tax Day

I have a cat: a gorgeous bundle of ginger fur called Smartie. I love him to bits – and he probably knows it because, when I work late at night on my computer, he jumps on the desk and goes to sleep next to my keyboard. When I watch TV he curls up on my lap, and he even sits on the edge of the bath when I soak away the stress of the day.

When looking for a cat, I was advised to contact Kitten Corner in Pretoria. This small organisation run by volunteers helps abandoned, abused, and feral kittens. And it was there that I found my glorious ginger. He’d been found in a dustbin, a tiny little thing, barely alive.

Smartie has added so much value to my life – countless smiles and special moments – and I just cannot imagine that somebody threw him (and the rest of his siblings) in a dustbin.

The reality is that there are people who are incredibly cruel to animals. But there are also countless animal welfare organisations out there that are doing the most amazing work for/with our animal friends.

Not only for cats and dogs but horses, donkeys, birds, wildlife… the list is endless.

My point of writing this is as a big THANK YOU to each individual and welfare organisation that renders a service to animals. At Tekkie Tax we have a long list of them: individuals with passion in their heart but working under difficult circumstances.

As the founder of National Tekkie Tax Day, I do everything in my power to raise money and assist these welfare organisations to save, feed and sterilise where needed. But, most of all, I salute the people of Kitten Corner who saved my special Smartie cat.

So, choose an Animal sticker when you participate in Tekkie Tax on Friday 26 May this year – and make sure your pets are sterilised as we don’t want to find any more in dustbins!