Farm Sanctuary SA is over the moon!

Farm Sanctuary SA was officially opened on World Farm Animal Day, 2 October 2016. It is the only officially registered sanctuary on the African continent for rescued farm animals and aims to inform and inspire positive change in the way society views and treats farm animals. 

Established by Joanne Lefson, renowned for raising awareness for shelter animals, the sanctuary is located in the heart of beautiful Franschhoek, and aims to connect visitors with the rescued farm animals in order to awaken a new perspective on the lives and plight of these animals. 

Visitors will meet Baloo, the resident calf who happily wanders free, and Pigcasso, the fat, fab, fine swine who is making quite a name for herself as a painting pig! Free belly rubs and cow kisses are always on the cards in Moo Barn – and if you want to stay in the hay, well, there’s a loft bedroom on the cards as well!

The Garden of Vegan farm stall is also located within the sanctuary grounds and offers organic vegan treats to awaken your culinary senses. Everything is grown fresh at the sanctuary, supporting local communities, nourishing health, and inspiring compassion in food production and cultivating a better world for all. 

The sanctuary is open on weekends from 11h00 to 15h00, and is always open to appointments. For more information, email, visit, and follow them on Facebook at “Farm Sanctuary SA”