Pretoria Dog Rescue

Written by Celia van Zyl – Founder and Director

The staggering number of stray, neglected, abused, homeless and suffering dogs, resulting from uncontrolled and indiscriminate breeding, forced the founders of Pretoria Dog and Husky Rescue to open their doors to all dogs in need.

Giving them a chance at life

Celia van Zyl and Nicole da Costa established Pretoria Dog and Husky Rescue in 2013 in order to help one of the world’s most misunderstood (and surrendered) breeds. Two years later, in response to the massive need for help for all dogs, Pretoria Dog Rescue was officially founded as a Non-profit Company (NPC 2015/416285/08) in 2015 by Celia van Zyl, Reinette le Roux and Ina Schütte. Having been actively involved in sterilising and rescuing dogs for many years, this was simply a natural progression.

PDR is involved in outreach work, and rescues and rehomes dogs, trying to give them a chance at a good life. 

The organisation rents privately owned kennels in Thaba Tshwane, Centurion – and they’re always full to the brim with dogs in desperate need of protection and care. Some are surrendered, others found injured or as strays; some are simply abandoned by their owners.

Sadly, although we always try our utmost to find the owners of strays, more often than not these doggies are never reunited with their people and end up as our responsibility.

What we do

PDR is actively involved in feeding and sterilising animals belonging to impoverished people – people who love their pets and can provide a safe home but, financially, struggle to provide for them.

PDR rescues any dog in need; we nurse them back to health, vaccinate, sterilise, deworm, microchip and rehabilitate them and, ultimately, put them up for adoption. Home inspections and contracts help ensure that our dogs are rehomed responsibly.

We are immensely proud that, over the years, we’ve rehomed so many dogs that would have had a very uncertain future. PDR is a pro-life organisation and will not put any animal to sleep unless it is so sick or injured that it’s absolutely beyond help. On numerous occasions, we’ve stepped in to help dogs that were hit by cars and left to die, or where owners could not afford veterinary care.

We also provide food for a number of dogs in foster care.

Goals and outreaches

Educating children to love and care for their dogs is something that we believe is of great importance; not only does it teach the children but it also reaches their families, changing conceptions and attitudes towards animals in a ripple effect.

It’s one of our greatest dreams to have our own shelter facility where we can have both a clinic and a place to educate children and train their dogs and pups.

Promoting and assisting with sterilisation of animals in Pretoria remains one of our top priorities. The high cost of sterilisation and widespread ignorance result in some suburban homes with too many dogs. Instead of removing these dogs to overfull shelters, we work with the owners and sterilise and rehome the excess pets where possible. Our current project involves about 100 dogs located in a few homes in Pretoria. This also requires huge amounts of money which we have to raise.

You can help us!

Pretoria Dog Rescue relies entirely on donations for our work. We often have to send out pleas for help with special cases and, although we have a very kind kennel owner, charging us the lowest possible fees, our monthly kennel fees are still extremely high. 

Thus, our kennel and veterinary fees and need for dog food remain a constant challenge. Pretoria Dog Rescue would like to work in conjunction with companies or individuals who also care about the plight of animals in our country, and who’d be willing to assist us in making a difference in the lives of many animals to give them a second chance.

Among the ways in which you can help are:

  1. Financial donations, be they once-off, monthly contributions or sponsoring a kennel or specific dog.
  2. Subscribing to our very affordable “Twenty can do plenty” fundraiser (see below contact details for more information).
  3. Donations of food, blankets, leashes and collars, bowls and wooden pallets.
  4. Foster homes for our rescues. Please contact us with your specific requirements, for example short- or long-term fostering, emergency fostering, etc. and we can add you to our database.
  5. Volunteers to help network our dogs for permanent homes.
  6. Volunteers to spend time with our doggies, walking, grooming and playing with them on a regular basis.
  7. Fundraising ideas and events.
  8. Companies to get involved with PDR.

We have so many heart-warming success stories of our rescued babies – enough to fill a book. And that’s why we’ll never stop reaching out and rescuing an animal in need.

For more information, contact Reinette on 083 767 6345 or email or Liezel on 082 561 4740 or email and follow on Facebook @PretoriaDogandHuskyRescue

Banking details are: PTA Dog Rescue, Capitec Bank, Account number: 138 357 0580, Branch code: 470010