Pro Life Pet Rescue

18th Jun, 2018

Left to right: Leigh-Anne Auerswald (chairperson), Gaylyn Pienaar (sanctuary manager), John Mathebula and Sizwe Mashinga (sanctuary staff), Pippa Botha (committee member), Karin Erasmus (founder and treasurer), Kirsten Tennant (office and administration)

The dogs are Mia the Jack Russell, who has been adopted, and Dino the mini Staffordshire Terrier, our office dog.

Written by Leigh-Anne Auerswald

Nestled on beautiful open bushland 15km outside the town of Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa, is the Pro Life Pet Rescue centre. This animal sanctuary, situated alongside the Umhloti Nature Reserve, aims to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats and dogs that are starving, abandoned or abused.

We never give up

Pro Life Pet Rescue was founded in 2011 with the mission of giving every pet that we rescue a happy home and safe haven; somewhere they can feel comfortable and loved until they are adopted.

We provide veterinary treatment, grooming, rehabilitation, sterilisation, good nutrition and – most importantly – love. Our focus is on rescuing those that have no one else; animals caught in snares, those abandoned by their owners, puppies and kittens that have been dumped, unwanted township pets and unclaimed strays are all taken in and cared for.

We offer hope to those who would otherwise not survive and are fortunate to have a dedicated group of foster parents who spend many sleepless nights nursing and hand-rearing our orphaned puppies and kittens.

Once an animal is in our care we don’t give up on them! With a little bit of patience and TLC they all eventually thrive. We adhere to a strict “no-kill policy” (unless absolutely necessary and advised by a vet), as we believe everyone deserves a second chance.

Strength to strength

Pro Life Pet Rescue is a non-profit organisation (NPO 132-239) founded by Karin Erasmus and friends in 2011 to be opened 2012. Since then, we’re thrilled that the establishment has grown from strength to strength.

Through hard work and perseverance, we’re proud to have our own animal hospital at our premises and a vet to treat and sterilise the pets we rescue. We also have a quarantine room, which is essential in preventing diseases as we don’t know many of the animals’ backgrounds when they arrive.

In addition to taking in animals, we also reach out to the community around us. Education and sterilisation are crucial in reducing the number of animals needing help.

We aim to educate the public and school groups and endeavour to assist the less fortunate outlying areas with outreach work and pet sterilisations, to help curb animal overpopulation.

Many camps for many animals

We group our dogs into packs that get along with each other. And there’s a place for everyone – from a small breed dog camp, three puppy camps, and 16 dog camps large enough for the dogs to run around in.

Our long-term residents even have a play park to enjoy, complete with a swimming pool. We’re in the process of building another play camp with an obstacle course which will beneficial for the dogs’ physical and mental health.

For the oldies in our care, we recently built an “old age home” complete with human beds and chairs for the senior dogs to enjoy their golden years. Here they can be warm and comfortable – and don’t have to put up with rambunctious puppies. It’s important to us to spoil them as much as we can because, sadly, elderly pets are less likely to be adopted.  

And, lest you think we only help dogs, we have three lovely kitty camps – one for adult cats, one for kittens, and even a special camp just for FIV-positive cats.

We also offer boarding facilities to Nelspruit residents’ pets and they can make use of our dog park.

How you can help

It’s so easy to help Pro Life Pet Rescue!

  • ADOPT – get your next pet from us!
  • FOSTER – even if it’s for just a short while, it really helps.
  • VISIT – please come spoil the animals, walk a dog or groom a cat.
  • VOLUNTEER – there are many tasks and projects you could help with.

  • SPONSOR and DONATE – we’re always in need of food, treats, bedding and, of course, funds.

To donate:

Bank: Standard Bank, Nelspruit.

Branch code: 052 852

Account name: Pro Life Pet Rescue

Account number: 03 02 609 65

For more information on Pro Life Pet Rescue, call 079 498 7971, email, visit, and follow them on Facebook @adoptpet

Pop in for a visit – we’re 8km from Nelspruit on the R40/Barberton road, #47 at the Chimp Eden turn-off.