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Tweet Tweet Rescue & Rehab was founded in 2018 when two local ladies in Edgemead who used to rehabilitate wild birds... ...read more

Alexandria is a rural town in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa known for its natural beauty... ...read more

Beaten, emaciated, deformed from load-bearing, riddled with ticks and worms, covered in sores, being ridden in the sweltering heat... ...read more

Four local animal welfare organisations are joining forces to launch a ground-breaking sterilisation project in Khayelitsha... ...read more

My rescue pups brought Scotty Valadao, a qualified canine behaviouralist and “animal whisperer”, into my life in 2008... ...read more

Being a pet parent is a rewarding journey filled with moments of joy, companionship, and unconditional love. ...read more

TEARS Animal Rescue is a pro-life, non-profit organisation serving companion animals in low-income communities... ...read more

The Barking Lot

18th Sep, 2023
We created The Barking Lot, a monthly lottery, to help shelter pets around the country. ...read more

Spay It Forward

21st Aug, 2023
In January 2020, two friends, Paulene Hardy and Carmen Stevens, were walking their dogs together, discussing the sad state... ...read more

The Underdog Project

17th Jul, 2023
South African youth face countless daily stressors which contribute to hindering their education and heavily impact their transition... ...read more

Page 1 of 10, 93 articles found. Displaying: 1-10
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