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The Barking Lot

18th Sep, 2023
We created The Barking Lot, a monthly lottery, to help shelter pets around the country. ...read more

Spay It Forward

21st Aug, 2023
In January 2020, two friends, Paulene Hardy and Carmen Stevens, were walking their dogs together, discussing the sad state... ...read more

The Underdog Project

17th Jul, 2023
South African youth face countless daily stressors which contribute to hindering their education and heavily impact their transition... ...read more

If you’re a first-time cat mom or dad, or you’d like to make sure that you’ve been treating your feline child in the manner he or she deserves... ...read more

Your cat didn’t come home last night, and worry kept you awake for hours. This morning she’s still not back... ...read more

So you’ve seen a plea for kittens or adult cats needing homes, and you’ve opened your heart and mind to the idea of adopting one of them. ...read more

Inspired by her own senior dog and companion of 13 years, Jane, and the Rudyard Kipling poem from which the exhibition takes its name... ...read more

Distance for dogs

20th Mar, 2023
A lively white-and-tan rescue mutt named Mila and a lifelong love of animals were the inspiration behind Ryan “Choppy” Pike’s incredible 207km run... ...read more

So, you’ll be moving house with your cats and you’re feeling stressed? I’ve been there myself, more times than I care to remember. ...read more

When you’re in a medical emergency with your fur baby, you deserve to feel a sense of peace that everything will be alright. ...read more

Page 2 of 10, 96 articles found. Displaying: 11-20
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