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Art with a heart

22nd Jan, 2019
There’s something so uplifting about turning trash into treasure. Being able to ignite a creative spark in the hearts of children in need and raise funds for animals takes it to a whole new level. That’s exactly what the Savara – Giving is Living Initiative, along with several talented South African artists, is doing to help the Western Cape animal welfare organisations of Wolwerivier Outreach Work, Mdzananda Animal Clinic and SANCCOB. ...read more

Shelters face many challenges in their noble mission to save dogs’ lives. Operating with limited resources and dependent on donations, they are fighting an uphill battle made even more difficult due to the sheer number of dogs they rescue, many of which arrive pregnant. ...read more

The cart horses of the Cape Flats are hard-working animals. The Cart Horse Protection Association (http://www.happytailsmagazine.co.za/news-articles/cart-horse-protection-association/) aims to work with their owners to improve their lives as part of the community, but every so often some of these determined horses need more. Sometimes they require some R&R. ...read more

Few things are as exciting as getting a puppy! You are, after all, getting a new family member and a loyal best friend. ...read more

Dancers Love Dogs

14th Aug, 2018
“We have all been designed for something greater than ourselves and our contribution to the world needs to have meaning.” Brigitte Reeve-Taylor wanted to give more and do more. ...read more

Nelson Mandela Bay is home to deeply passionate animal welfare activists; the kind that never give up… ...read more

This debate is liable to raise hackles. Not your dog’s, but from the disagreements about whether using treats is “training” or “bribery”. ...read more

As life goes, stuff happened and, in 2013, I found myself resident of a place for destitute people called Filadelfia Ark. Needless to say, these were dark times for me personally. But, in a weird and wonderful way, I found my soul right there. And the vehicle of this miraculous discovery of “me”… CATS! ...read more

As modern medicine improves, so does our ability to live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives. People are remaining independent for longer and require higher standards of living when it comes to comfort and lifestyle. One of the things we’re noticing is an increasing need for the inclusion of pets in the lives of the more senior person. ...read more

Day care for dogs has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people understand that dogs need company and supervision during the day. All over the country, lucky dogs enjoy care and companionship at animal-loving places while their owners are at work. Doggy Day Care Port Elizabeth is one such place. ...read more

Page 3 of 5, 44 articles found. Displaying: 21-30