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Have you ever noticed a change in the behaviour of your dog where they have gone from being playful, happy, excited animals to nervous... more

Losing a pet can be a very traumatic experience. Many of us see our pets as part of the family,... more

This summer is probably going be one of the hottest ones we’ve had in years. more

Taming feral kittens

19th Oct, 2021
Taming of feral kittens is an arduous task that takes time, patience and experience. more

Strange question? Not really – in fact, it’s a really important one, and yet so few people actually consider it. Why? more

By nature, cats are solitary, living alone, hunting alone, eating alone; this is slowly changing as the number of cats is increasing... more

Getting two puppies at the same time, and the problems this can create, has been discussed at length by animal behaviourists. more

Double Trouble

19th Apr, 2021
The subject of not getting two puppies at the same time comes up often and can be a contentious one. more

The Honeymoon Period

23rd Feb, 2021
The first few weeks with a new dog are crucial weeks. more

I speak to dead animals. Okay, I know that sounds bizarre, but I really do. more

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