Pegasus Homeopathics Pets Remedy Range

26th Feb, 2024

The Pegasus Pet Remedies is a range of 24 x 25g homeopathic complexes for a wide variety of pet ailments, including a 50ml colloidal silver-based, herbal antiseptic spray with calendula and hypericum, for topical use on small wounds, scratches and bites.


The range is designed for easy, safe, effective and rapid treatments of acute conditions for your best friends. This includes dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, mice, hamsters, sanctuaried wild animals (such as big cats or primates) and many more, even farm animals.

We find that most animals are compliant in taking the remedies, some even enjoying the “sugar pills”. A “dose” is 5 pillules (dogs, cats and small animals) and 10 pillules (horses and large animals).

No diagnosis is needed; a handy booklet is provided to help you match the correct remedy with the presenting symptoms.


As with homeopathy in general, we strive to achieve rapid response to symptoms, but also to address and heal the underlying cause of the condition.

Pegasus Pets Remedies are perfectly safe for use in breeding, pregnant, lactating and young/newborn animals. The range is also safe for use in conjunction with allopathic medications (chemical drugs).


As with all homeopathic remedies, they don’t expire, making them very cost-effective. Each 25g bottle contains 150 doses.


Dear Pegasus, my name is Ramses and six years ago I used to have an allergic reaction to mosquito bites. It was so bad that I would scratch my nose until it bled! My Earth Mama was so sad; she took me to the Vet (once a year) for a cortisone injection. Then we were introduced to Pegasus Histamine Comp (which they used to crush into my favourite treat) and by the following rainy season, I no longer needed that hectic drug. The season thereafter, I was completely healed! A Big Meow.

Testimonial by: Ellen, Namibia

The PEGASUS PET RANGE is available in pet and vet shops countrywide. For more information, please visit

NB: As with any complementary medicine, should a reasonable response not be seen within 12-24 hours, please consult your Veterinary Practitioner.


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